Disabled Dolphin Inspires Young Kids

Winter the dolphin uses a prosthetic tail to splash and swim with friends.
3:06 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Disabled Dolphin Inspires Young Kids
An inspiring underwater adventure. Winter, the star of the movie "Dolphin tale" and upcoming "Dolphin tale 2" lost her tail and now she's helping humans rehabilitate and, ginger, I know you got up close and personal with this story. This was so special and so many people said, gosh, I wish I could do this at the Clearwater marine aquarium in Florida, the goal to rescue, rehab and release animals. Some injuries are too great and they have to stay like winter the dolphin who wears the first full prosthetic tail and I got to hang out with two inspiring kids and winter, check it out. It's the second tale of that famous dolphin tale. You remember winter who inspired the movie with this tail. Whoa. Now winter has inspired hundreds of people including my friends Levi and Rosie. Congenital birth defects left Rosie without an arm and leg just like winter, Rosie has some help to get around. Ready? Whoa! She's ticklish. Reporter: It's no surprise that winter's story is all Rosie Perez talks about. What do you love pose about winter? You tell me? That we're matching. That you're matching. Yeah. When you get here and you see Rosie's reaction, how does it make you feel have. I couldn't be happier. It makes her feel Normal. Reporter: Levi suffers from asperger's, a form of autism. How does it feel to see winter? Feels good. Reporter: For him emotional and social interaction are difficult unless it's with winter. When he first spied her, I couldn't believe what I saw and he -- it was like he had just seen his best friend. And I had never seen that smile. Reporter: Regular trips to see winter have helped Rosie, Levi and countless others. The Clearwater marine rehabilitates animals. The animals that can't make it back out stay and rehab humans including yours truly. Winter. Look at her. Hi. I was lucky enough to swim with winter and joined by the co-star hope. And they're absolutely remarkable. And that is the beauty. Hand to fin -- One, two, three. Experiencing the special connection these charismatic stars share with so many. Rosie and Levi, thank you very much for letting us tell your story. They are the coolest kids. They really are. When they get in there with winter that eye that winter has, it is so human. And that smile that is P perpetually there. We do these stories and the impact they have. Ginger, thank you very much. Check out "Dolphin tale 2" in theaters September 12th. We'll be right back with more

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Winter the dolphin uses a prosthetic tail to splash and swim with friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25260235","title":"Disabled Dolphin Inspires Young Kids","url":"/GMA/video/bottlenose-dolphin-inspires-young-kids-25260235"}