Lara Hits Flea Market, Transforms Junk into Treasure

"GMA" anchor finds creative ways to transform dated chairs and an old-fashioned ladder.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Lara Hits Flea Market, Transforms Junk into Treasure
Now, we turn to our special event, trash to treasure. So many of us have something we've inherited, we found, we've adopted. And we can't all afford to get rid of it and start over. So, what do you do with it? We asked you to send in photos and videos of some of your diamonds in the rough. Something you were thinking about junking. And we're going to do our best to recycle or upcycle it into a gem. Like this. So much to see. So little time. You have to get in there. You have to not be afraid to dig a little bit. But when you find those treasures, you'll soon see it's worth it. Look at this. It's a multipurpose ladder. A great industrial look. I love the original label. I think we could clean this wood up and reupholster the seat. End of the day. Your best price? 40 bucks. Reporter: I realize these aren't attractive chairs. I do see potential in them. Everybody's on a budget. We all have the pieces in our home where we think, this is trash. I am challenging you to make it your treasure. This chest has great bones. I found it at a thrift shop. It was $20. But the wood is dull and old. All you have to do is sand it down, prime it and paint it to breathe new life. Paint is your friend, people. With a few simple diy tips, it's easy for my ugly ducklings to become interior design swans. This ladder is like the transformer of antiques. Check this out. It's a ladder. It's an ironing board. Or it's a console table in your apartment. I love using lacquer. It's also more durable than regular paint. They're so ugly. But the bones are there. These pop right off. So easy to reupholster. You need a staple gun and a half-yard of fabric. And the foam's in good shape. I love this share. I knew it had great bones. I looked it up. And it's a larsen chair. Mid century danish. And a pair of them going for $995. I paid $40. Are we ready to see what the pieces look like now? We're going to start with this chair, which I discovered is a larsen chair. This is mid century iconic. These go online for so much money. I've seen them for $500. We paid $40. We knew not to paint it. No guess with it too much. That's how you strip the value. We reupholstered it using staples. This is a casey sometimes, just let it be. And look how nice it will look in a room now. If this chair could talk, it would say, I'm a modern masterpiece. It sure would, sam champion. Remember the ladder? How about in a cool new york city apartment, be gentle, josh. I am. Ready? And now, it's a fun console table. This is a fun table. And if you need to, you can collapse it. We put plexi. You can use it as a ledder to get in your closet. That is amazing. This is a chest from the shift shop. Instead of trying to strip it, i primed it and painted it. I made it a pretty swedish look. You have to be kidding. That is absolutely beautiful. You wouldn't put that in the entryway. But you would put this here. It got dirty on the transport in. I polished up the brass and painted it. And the flat paint. Instead of glossy. I think it looks fantastic. It scratches easier. The apples look delicious. They do. These were the ugly ducklings. 35 for four. And now, look at them. I'm in a gray mood right now. This is supposed to look like carving. It was plastic. I popped that off. Painted them flat gray. This is an easy upholstery job. For a $35 investment, you have a look that can go in any apartment. I know you all have pieces like this, that just need a little bit of paint. It's like makeup. It helps everybody look a little better. We want to see your pictures. On monday, you'll meet the first three viewers and see their junk transformed. It's happening all next week. Don't miss it. Guys? These are great ideas. Show the last one. Show the last trash to treasure. Oh. Hey. That was their idea.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" anchor finds creative ways to transform dated chairs and an old-fashioned ladder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17738544","title":"Lara Hits Flea Market, Transforms Junk into Treasure","url":"/GMA/video/break-yard-sales-lara-spencer-hits-flea-market-17738544"}