A Capitol High: Legal Marijuana Use Begins in DC

As lawmakers threaten prison for DC mayor, city moves ahead with voter-approved pot initiative.
5:06 | 02/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Capitol High: Legal Marijuana Use Begins in DC
Welcome to power players on Devin Dwyer they were headquarters that the she candidates campaign with chairman. Adam writer Adam thanks for happen us. Pleasure to be doing this interview since today's the day that recreational marijuana it's supposed to be legal nation's capital 7% of voters. Approved in November. But it's not cut and dry why. Well it's legalization without commercialization. But we have is people can grow with the room marijuana in their hold up to six plants they can possess two ounces of marijuana. And they can share up to one ounce of marijuana or marijuana seeds for instance to anyone but it is can't sell it. As soon as you start deriving income you're violating the initiative to you can use pot you can share pot. Which can't buy pot legally that's correct there's no storefronts where people were 21 and older is walking him by. You know pack of marijuana alas your medical marijuana patient at the city and its residents voting to approve something. But because the district doesn't have any voting representation in congress you've got these Republican lawmakers from states should. Far from here saying that this can't take effect Wednesday. A federal lop blocks marijuana it's bad for you. Dot they have a point. Well I don't give a point about marijuana being bat for use any more certain. I think that the evidence shows data shows that her words city. We don't have people overdosing on their wallets is simply impossible. When these Alice the mostly Republican congressman. Try to interfere with local democracy here they make their party look bad if they're supposed to be the party of home rule of of local democracy. States rights but this is large viewership of freedom. The when they go against marijuana they contradict everywhere those things. And this language that's made so complicated here believe was inserted in its not in the budget bill in December of course President Obama who backs. The DC voter campaign you've led set it should be legal here voters approved it. Congress through this bill would be. Undoing and democratic will people for the president believes that out on principal that that members of congress should be interfering in this way. With the decisions that the citizens of the District of Columbia are making about how they speak up. Is he bearing responsibility for. This kind of uncertainty that word right now the president has been really the only. Person in government that's been you know standing up for home role here. In older homes nor nor delegate has a great voice on Capitol Hill she's a longtime civil rights champion this is civil rights issues. There are two senators that should be currently sitting in the US and represent the people question DC. We've got more people. In Vermont. The Wyoming are we equal citizens. In this initiative when you have congressman trying to interfere with that it really highlights how we really don't have a democracy Washington DC the district isn't the first experiment and legalize recreational pot in Colorado and Washington State Alaska. Organ as well. Critics and some of those states those same maybe pot is an addictive in the way other substances are but it's still dangerous it's addictive. One and eleven people using marijuana will become dependent. And if you're under. Nineteen. It's one out of six we're making. It's paper will we make marijuana legal. Currently people are afraid to report crimes that occur to them if marijuana was involved. Okay they couldn't he would have by Ernst and upon them but since marijuana wasn't all but not gonna to call police up and say well you know as biased McEnroe won an indictment mean took money. And what we find is that it's really not as egregious that substance is alcohol alcoholism much more violence inducing substance. It is a substance that people. And up and is in complete control themselves. Marijuana user reach a point where there at worst you might this fall asleep on the couch our initiative is very explicit that driving under the influence is still illegal. So I think were. Looking at making her want safer more responsible. Kind of place you know teaching people yes you can use its are right don't abuse that rate in her room I don't I don't like dragged through college in my dorm room at night. I grew up one plant that ten years ago about me. And and you know it was toll. Paranoia inducing you think you're gonna be raided. And locked up for ten years or you have to Muster it's you know my daughter's eleven years old and I I she's never producing marijuana so and she she lived in the candidates campaign house legally be sitting out pickets blocked out. I Jupiter growing by six plants let back. Balcony at starts today. That starts today people can put their seeds in the ground. And start growing Arab thanks so much for happiness but that's all the time we have thanks so much for watching for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Jeff wire.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"As lawmakers threaten prison for DC mayor, city moves ahead with voter-approved pot initiative. ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29235811","title":"A Capitol High: Legal Marijuana Use Begins in DC ","url":"/GMA/video/capitol-high-legal-marijuana-begins-dc-29235811"}