Carter Page speaks out about FBI scrutiny

Page speaks to "GMA" about allegations he acted as a Russian agent and explains the role he played in Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
5:32 | 04/13/17

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Transcript for Carter Page speaks out about FBI scrutiny
Let's talk to the man himself Carter page foreign policy adviser for the trump campaign. Welcome to "Gma" right now. So, let's just begin with some of the basic facts. March of last year president trump tells "The Washington post" you're a member of his foreign policy team. Who brought you into the trump campaign? What did you do for them. George, I don't talk about that because there's always these various smr theories that anyone I work with -- That's a pretty innocent fact. Who brought you into the campaign? I just -- I don't want to have people's lives disrupted. If I told you a name there would be dozens of calls to that individual within minutes. Not if nothing went wrong. Well, people make up all kinds of conspiracy theories. That's been the nature of this from the get-go. But not revealing is what views the conspiracy theories. No, but this is, again, people just make things up and it's not going to help matters. So you won't say who brought you into the campaign. Can you say what you did? I was an informal adviser, a member of a committee which was put together, a team of individuals who were looking at various foreign policy issues and working -- thinking through some of the issues that were on the table. So, let's fast forward to last summer. In order to get that wiretap the FBI had to show probable cause, strong evidence you were acting as a Russian agent. In your communications with the FBI have you convinced them you weren't acting as a Russian agent. I do not talk about any ongoing investigations. I will say that in terms of probable cause, there's been a ton of false evidence that's been out there, primarily in the public realm but we shall see as -- You know that they had to present this evidence to a court to an independent court. They had to be convinced that this at least was evidence worthy of investigation. So, what could very have been thinking of. Well, there was tons of false evidence whether primarily related to that dodgy doesier which senator Harry Reid last August sent to director Comey and who knows what the exact basis of, I really look forward to seeing it. There's also a lot of focus on the trip you took to Russia last July. You met with Russian academics and people in the business community, did you meet with anyone in the Russian government or connected to Russian intelligence? I said hello briefly to one individual who was a board member of the -- of the new economic school where I gave my speech. And in any of these conversations with Russians either in Russia or back here in the United States, did you ever suggest to any of them that president trump, or candidate trump would be open to easing sanctions on Russia? Absolutely not. Never, not once? I never offered that, no, nothing along those lines, absolutely not. I mean, it may -- topics -- I don't remember -- we'll see what comes out in this FISA transcript. Well, you know what you did? I don't recall every single word that I ever said but I would never make any offer or intermate anything that -- It sounds like from what you're saying it's possible you may have discussed the easing of sanctions. Something may have come up in a conversation -- I have no recollection and there is nothing specifically I would have done that would have given people that impression. You can't say without equivocation you didn't discuss the easing of sanctions. Someone may have brought it up. I have no recollection and if it was, it was not something I was offering or that someone was asking for. Any conversations about those e-mails that were stolen from the DNC from the Clinton campaign, any conversations about that. Not a word. Not once. Not once. Absolutely positive? Absolutely sure. So, how can you be sure you didn't talk about that but not sure if you talked about easing of sanctions. Well, that's -- that didn't happen until a couple of weeks later, I believe, during the DNC, right. And I was already back from there at the time and actually the Cleveland convention was the week before. And that was about the time where you were then separated from the trump campaign a little later than that where the FISA court gives this -- gives this warrant as well. Since then have you had any contact with president trump or anyone in that campaign? No -- I have not -- since inauguration I have not spoken with anyone. Yeah, but I'm talking from August to inauguration. There were various people I would speak to from time to time. Old colleagues, et cetera. So you maintained contact with the trump campaign from August through inauguration day. Light contact. No discussions -- No discussions of anything substantive or relating to the things that have been accused. The president and his top advisers now accept that the intelligence community's conclusion Russia did try to interfere in our elections. Do you agree. Looking at what was done I don't have any inside information as to what happened. What I do know is that these false attacks that were taken against me had a much bigger impact that anything that may have come out in wikileaks and these same lies keep swirling around months and months on end having really negative impact on u.s./russia relations and really U.S.' position in the world. So bottom line you're confident that neither you nor anyone in the trump campaign will be convicted of a crime because of the involvement in wuz? I have -- that would be ridiculous. Absolutely not. Carter page, thanks very

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{"id":46772178,"title":"Carter Page speaks out about FBI scrutiny","duration":"5:32","description":"Page speaks to \"GMA\" about allegations he acted as a Russian agent and explains the role he played in Donald Trump's presidential campaign.","url":"/GMA/video/carter-page-speaks-fbi-scrutiny-46772178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}