Cartoonist Al Jaffee Reveals the Fold-In 'MAD Magazine' Wouldn't Run

Artist celebrates 50 years of skewering politicians, celebs in iconic feature.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cartoonist Al Jaffee Reveals the Fold-In 'MAD Magazine' Wouldn't Run
Children -- show who wields over its fiftieth. Here and married in April. 24 change and -- satirical. Take. On the foolishness that was going on each one of these particular. Moments when that magazine came out. And when -- if we were successful. We -- -- of our readers. At the expense of some politician. Or. Some. Prominent person who made a -- self. When we -- as when we preach. Artistically it's it's it's very involved because you're creating two images. There that have to work together. Is it do you do it in your head first and then you execute -- just start dueling what's the process. Believe it or not. I'll start off with a little sketch. That may -- is two -- three inches in height. And it's just little stick figures. Over folded version. Might show. An object of some sort of person. Hollows a machine. And then. I won't make another sketch. Where I put. Parents of this sketch on the left side and a -- for -- on the right side and try to figure out. How to integrate. A complete drawing in the center. That policy this case to two things on the side and the focus now is in the middle that's where this story is as you. Open a magazine. He must have been a little bag of tricks that you're able to kind of pull in and and you know the way that lions and contours. Could very easily meld back and forth. It's almost like the brain is a Google searching. Tool where you -- looking out. One thing over here and your brain is searching for things that look like that finish. That you can -- great -- that. Has there -- any topic over the years. That was off limits -- -- started working on an -- your editors said too much for mad or may be against your own personal taste. We did a very. I'm very good fold in. -- common tuned on. Essentially commented. Upon. -- -- proliferation. Of insane. -- and shootings. We found don't. That's the trial of the man who did the mass shootings in -- theater. Was going on simultaneously. As -- this fold in with -- amount. The determination. Was made and rightly so and I agreed with. To kill it. And 600000. Copies of men were shredded. And a large cost. It's the only time it's happened. And and I'm glad we did. It sure it was the right thing to do.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Artist celebrates 50 years of skewering politicians, celebs in iconic feature.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22517297","title":"Cartoonist Al Jaffee Reveals the Fold-In 'MAD Magazine' Wouldn't Run","url":"/GMA/video/cartoonist-al-jaffee-reveals-fold-mad-magazine-run-22517297"}