Catching up with Lady Antebellum live on 'GMA'

The band opens up about their latest projects live from Central Park.
1:41 | 07/14/17

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Transcript for Catching up with Lady Antebellum live on 'GMA'
These are loyal fan, definitely. Here with their title track off their brand-new album, "Heart break." Good to have you back. I always say, I end up filling in on "Good morning America" when lady antebellum is here. We're on the same schedule. The fans were upset when they heard you would take a break. What did you take from that and did you always know you were going to get back together? Was that the intention? Well, we had had plan all along. I'm sorry. Our Mikes are over there and, you know, we just wanted to take a little break. We have been going nonstop for nine years and we all had little ones at home and wanted to spend time with family and friends and so this was the plan all along. Now we had no idea, you know, we would end up being so inspired and write 11 of the 13 songs on this record. We had a lot to say and feel like this is the beginning of chapter 2 for us as a band. You look good is one of the songs and you all look good. I mean, do they look good? Was it when you saw each other, was it influenced by how well you looked when you got back together. No, I think that song, you know, is definitely about, you know, we're not as young as we used to be sometimes we get dressed up, you know, me and my wife go out and I'm like, baby, you look good. She's like, you 00 look good too so I don't care what age you are, you can go out and feel good and look good. Tell us about the tour. You kicked off the tour now in yes, we just played Syracuse last night and playing tonight here in New York City, so, yeah. But it's been great. We're going all over the U.S. And been in Canada. A horn section taking them over to South Africa and Europe for the first time. We want to get to this song.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"The band opens up about their latest projects live from Central Park. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48629353","title":"Catching up with Lady Antebellum live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/catching-lady-antebellum-live-gma-48629353"}