Pastor to the stars on moving into 2018 with faith

Chad Veach, known as "the millennial pastor," discusses New Year's resolutions and his new book, "Faith Forward Future."
3:39 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Pastor to the stars on moving into 2018 with faith
We are back now with the man who has been dubbed the millennial Chad Veach including other celebrities with his message of per S severance with his new book "Faith forward future." Why do you think your specific message -- you go into these churches and it's filled with young people. Why do you think your message and gospel is reaching these young people. I was a youth pastor for 15 years so I think I just for a long time was speaking to young people so maybe I still speak their language. So I don't know. I'm a pastor's kid and grew up in church. I think we're just trying to do the best we can of making it rill vapts and making it a message people can understand. And making it message. Zoe church out in California. You guys have created your own line of skater gear. Hoodies and hats. I think people love to rock what they love. They love to represent that and so I just figure people love church. Let's mutt them in church merch. Yeah, church merch wearing a hoodie and someone can say what's that from? It's from my church. A way to start a conversation. Let's talk about "Faith forward future." Moving past hardships and disappointments, something your family experienced firsthand. You have your fourth child on the way with your beautiful wife but your daughter Georgia was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder just 4 months old. How did that rock your family? I think, you know, you're not aware of anyone else's pain until you have pain. So this was the first time for my family we went through something like that and to have a diagnosis like that, it was our first born. I think it really started for us to make us realize what do we believe in and how are we going to Dr. Hope against hope and so we made a decision as a family, we're going to be positive about it and try and let this little girl be a message of hope, of inspiration rather than just being defined by this diagnosis. And you see people wearing that hope and inspiration. Like people have -- celebrities have had "G" for Georgia tattooed on their arm. That means a lot. At a mall in Oklahoma City and this group of girls, ten college girls run up to me and say, hey, we got the gtat for your daughter. It's mind blowing to think people are supporting this little girl. It's amazing. You write about the need to -- I love this. Stop holding on to your history at the expense of your destiny and as we look forward we're talking about new year's's resolutions and looking forward to 2018. What is your number one tip or encouragement to carry into 2018? I think so many of us get defined by mistakes and I always think, you know, we plight have made a mistake but we're not a mistake. Coming into the new year we have to have the mind-set I can overcome my struggle, my obstacle. Whatever happened happened. Let's move on in 2018. I talk to so many people, I'm so glad 20171 over. The worst year. All right, that's fine but let's make 20189 best year and it starts with our mind-set. I love the analogy. It's like the windshield in your car is this big and the rear view mirrors are this small and that's the perspective we should have on our future. Preach, pastor. Preach, pastor. Thank you, pastor. We appreciate it and we're wishing good things for your book, "Faith forward future: Moving past your disappointments, delays and destructive thinking."

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Chad Veach, known as \"the millennial pastor,\" discusses New Year's resolutions and his new book, \"Faith Forward Future.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52036538","title":"Pastor to the stars on moving into 2018 with faith","url":"/GMA/video/celebrity-pastor-chad-veach-opens-book-gma-52036538"}