'Ochocinco' Johnson on Jail: 'I Learned My Lesson'

Former NFL star and his attorney talk to Robin Roberts after serving 7 days of a 30-day sentence.
4:38 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for 'Ochocinco' Johnson on Jail: 'I Learned My Lesson'
Joining us live are chad johnson and his attorney, adam zwickle joining us live from miami. We appreciate you wanting to come on and talk with us, chad, and the first question is why did you do that? Why did you pat your attorney like that? Well, that's the way I've always interacted with, you know, life just in general. I know that there's a certain thing called courtroom etiquette which I've never been a part of the court system. It was a light pat. It wasn't meant to disrespect the courtroom and I didn't think anyone could see it because it was my third time doing so. It was your third time you had done that but the first time that people had seen that and the reaction to it, adam, when he did that, were you surprised and did you think, okay, we could be in trouble here? No, actually I wasn't very surprised because chad and I are very close and it's just a way that he communicated and thanked me. I was rather surprised that the court took it to the extent that she took it but everybody's got a method of running their own courtroom and the judge felt this was appropriate resolution. Well, some people did feel that the judge overreacted but that it does not excuse chad, your behavior, the reason why you were in court because of violating your probation, telling from a very serious charge of domestic violence against your then wife and that many believe that this was a culmination. Do you think that she was justified that it was all of your actions leading up to that point, chad? Right, yeah, I say that when I came out of court earlier that, you know, I supported her in her decision to give me, you know, the sentence that she did basically after me not meeting the criteria and guidelines i was supposed to meet in a certain amount of time. With them not being done in that time I felt it was right of her to sentence me to 30 days. She had given me a gift before and there was no reason to treat me any different than anyone else. If anyone else is in that situation they would have to do 30 days, as well. You went so far, chad, to say that you were thankful to the judge. What did you mean by that? Well, I mean most definitely. I THINK judge McCue was able to do something many have tried to get me do for a long time, slow down, just life in general, slow down, think about what you're going to do and she was able to do that. Maybe not in the best circumstances, to those on the outside but I see me thinking about life and where I'm going from this point going on is probably one of the best things that happened to me. Your parents haven't been able to slow you down and how can you make people believe, chad, because they feel you've had some chances in the past and you've blown it. What's going to be different this time? I mean, you have to understand I haven't had any chances because I never been in they trouble before. I've done nothing wrong ever. This is my first time being in trouble with the legal system. My past has been having fun, entertaining fangs when it came to playing theame of football so as far as this is all new to me and I just -- I try to do my best keeping a smile regardless of 9 situations and usually situations like this, usually break people and I wouldn't allow anything to break me so i try to continue to be my same positive self and I think with me being chad it kind of made the judge feel that I wasn't being serious about the situation, but trust me, i understood exactly what I did and I lost two of the things in life that I love, you know, the most at that time. And what were those two things that you lost? Football and my now then beautiful -- did say beautiful ex-wife. Yes, who quickly filed divorce after the incident that happened and are you hoping to play football again? Do you think you deserve a chance to play again? You know what, I think everyone deserves a second chance. Many would say I might not deserve it. I would like to finish my career off the right way and I'd -- i don't want the last thing to be remembered, you know, well, chad was cut from the dolphins, you know, for an incident he had with his wife. I would love the grace, the football field one more time and to help some team if I'm not injured, there's nothing wrong with me, I've learned my lesson especially after those past seven days and that's about it. If it doesn't happen, life goes on, there are many opportunities and doors that will continue to open and we'll see what happens. We will see what happens. Chad, thank you very much for your willingness to with us. We appreciate that and adam s swickle. I know you'll see him follow through. Absolutely. Thank you for being with us. Another check of the weather

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Former NFL star and his attorney talk to Robin Roberts after serving 7 days of a 30-day sentence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19426339","title":" 'Ochocinco' Johnson on Jail: 'I Learned My Lesson'","url":"/GMA/video/chad-ochocinco-johnson-interview-2013-lawyer-rear-slap-19426339"}