Children Caregivers Face Difficult Challenges

Over a million children are the primary caregivers in their family.
1:44 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Children Caregivers Face Difficult Challenges
It's an emotional and familiar struggle. For the estimated one point four million American children who are caregivers and their families. Do you let people in -- on your -- responsibilities what you do. A lot of people don't get it. And it's don't -- -- The fourteen year old -- on it does know what it's like to be kids struggling under a mountain of adult worry. Her mother Vicki has been battling stage four breast cancer. For the past three years. We'll -- back now. I -- this kind of thing. Thanks very -- time things and the tacit contract is the parent you're gonna take care of the kids. And here. For necessities say -- let's flipped. How does that impact he's had it -- Because. Story. I want -- making it. I'll do it but it. -- hope for a delicate balancing act between a healthy child. And an ailing parent.

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{"id":20882060,"title":"Children Caregivers Face Difficult Challenges","duration":"1:44","description":"Over a million children are the primary caregivers in their family.","url":"/GMA/video/children-caregivers-face-difficult-challenges-20882060","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}