Chris Pratt Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'

The versatile actor is live in Times Square to discuss his starring role in the highly anticipated remake of the classic western.
3:41 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Chris Pratt Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'
Played gay cowboy in the Magnificent Seven took a look. Cool gas. Thing Adam good. Six pounds of pressure that's all that's required to kill me. And they say the nightmares never go away. A yeah. Sued KF so we're excited he did in western movie got a chance to do it the boys the boys dream man horses guns cigars walk around like a cowboy is like. Come believe they're paying me. If you did delta yesterday didn't they'll love you Mandela Denzel he said I was just so happy to be and Chris Pratt movie. You have very fond of him from understand all yet completely I mean dens of the legend you know and and agree in a great human being we had a we are good time working together and and you know I mean it's really get a chance to work with somebody who's the two time Oscar winner you know he's just. Decorated legs and his alleged it sounds like liberal myths and as of romance. And it's been opera do our own. Road show me. Particular the DNC says it is the hip and that you you're also looking to ramp could you post some great stuff that you posted a picture with you Castaneda guardians of the galaxy two yeah so what can you tell us about the movie give up the hopeless. Marva gonna get mad but I'll tell you have to get a yeah it's it's you know it picks up a couple months after the the events of the of the first movie and you know all the tariffs back we Kurt Russell's also going to be in. In sports who wins the soundtrack is is off the chain in its I don't know it's just that I can't say Mike was going to be the greatest suspect who movie of all time mrs. I don't want to over salad. With the death. That's the ball club and Pettigrew is old enough to get to the kind of thrill from all all movies up till now. And also all movies from now centocor and never will there ever be anything like this again so that's cool. I'm I'm not completely convinced yet that we did the governor really got to thank you talk about the soundtrack is being did you put handled and veteran appeared on the something. Don't know enough it. That's good that's good enough for a prep it just. Just just curious if they had another thing on it to ground Le you know you have your son Jack yeah he's four years old border zone. And number you you cook for him cook breakfast for him I had I love that you cooked in the pancake yet. In I think we got a little call them if you look at what he thinks about your cook. Couldn't you. He said it you'd you try to tell them look like Donald Duck yet he said it didn't look like Donald Duck. They did not sit and all of that all Americans Eric. Our values really kind and human food kind of how to pick the you don't want to hurt my feelings. It got to I've got to did a pretty good job you know I thought who's going to be blown away while I don't prepared statement. Not so much kids kids are the policemen oilman in there are but one thing that is that it is plead their by the this moving its assessment yet it is really great you know how to ride a horse yet yet I hadn't I mean. I I'd who. Ridden horses few times drawn up but I wasn't very good Menem and thrown off horses are kind of scared of them and you got back on I got back on the horse I learned I learned through by the in this movie I feel. Much more comfortable now that I did before yes we were locked room through months into the cool. The cool well you know what agency a real cowboys don't your real cowboy down. You can see you get right imports of that you can make a mean Donald Duck that state that's me.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"The versatile actor is live in Times Square to discuss his starring role in the highly anticipated remake of the classic western.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42210506","title":"Chris Pratt Talks 'The Magnificent Seven' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/chris-pratt-talks-magnificent-gma-42210506"}