Clare Crawley: What Really Happened With 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo

"Bachelor" finalist joins "GMA" to talk about the most jaw-dropping final conversation in the show's history.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clare Crawley: What Really Happened With 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo
happen. Can't wait for it. Now to "Bachelor" finalist Clare crawley. Part of one the most jaw-dropping final conversation. Let's look at her final moments with Juan Pablo. "Bachelor" contestant Clare crawley thought she was getting enga engaged. Instead, this. I have to say good-bye to you. Reporter: A breakup so brutal. It will go down in bachelor history. What you just made me go through, I would never want my children to have a father like you. Not the man I thought he was. Reporter: Things went south in an exotic get away. And this mysterious moment. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. Some sexual thing. Reporter: But on their last date, Juan Pablo alluded to their happy ending. We'll move somewhere. Reporter: In the end, he chose Nikki, a different contestant. It was so liberating to be able to stand there and say this is exactly how I feel. I don't want to sit here on this couch and get fed any more B.S. And gez what. This is a b.s.-free zone. Thank you for being with us. I love it. How are you? It's been months since you were in St. Lucia. Just a week since the whole world saw your two-handed push. How are you? I feel amazing. Feels so good to visit out in the open and not have to hide how I feel. You didn't hide it on television. I want to play it again. The moment when he said he wasn't choosing you. Let's take a watch. I have to say good-bye to you. I want to ask you, did you a rejection plan? Tid you know what you would do if he said, it's not you? You know, because of the conversation we had in the helicopter, there was that doubt in my mind. Going into the final rose ceremony, I felt like, I've been here the whole time. And I said that I would -- fall it through to the end. And I just figured, I'm going to be there and no matter what happens, um, I'm going to say how I feel. Did you fall in love with him? I think I was falling in love with him. It's a huge step for me to say, I love you. I hadn't said it in over ten years. So, a huge step for me. You talk about that mysterious helicopter ride. We can't get into too many details about what happened. There were clues that that guy who said at the end, I'm so glad I didn't pick her. Where there other signs that that guy was in there? Watching it back, yeah. You know, Vietnam. How he talked to me there. Watching it back now, how he talked to the other women and just dismissed a lot of their feelings by touching them and kind of being charming. You're -- you say you were falling in love with him. You thought he was going the kooz you, I'm imagining, you watch it week by week, somewhat that like? It's a little surreal because, it still doesn't feel like that's me. I'm still just Clare from Sacramento. Watching that is strange. But also, it's -- that feeling to be able to be the fly on the wall. And to know, that's what happened there. It makes seps sense. He wrote a blog where he said he was misunderstood, misrepresented, and misjudged in the media. Any truth of that? As short of a time period as we get to see on TV, I think your true personality comes through in the end. And think mine did and I think his did as well. Yours did for sure. Why did you start to fall in love with him? What were the good things? Obviously, you had real feelings. What tissue who was the Han you fell in love with? I thought he was a man that was very proud to be an amazing father. And that loved his daughter, loves his daughter a lot. I thought he was charming. Coming from his cultural background, I thought my family has a similar thing going on. Why don't you think he chose you in the end? You know, I don't know. It doesn't matter to me. Like I told him. I think it's a blessing in disguise for sure. I hear there might be a new leading man in your life. That you did find love? Um, I'm very happy. Which is a yes. Which is a maybe. The good thing is, it's not on TV right now. Did you learn any lessons? Do you have any regrets about displaying everything on television? What did you learn from the experience experience? I have zero regrets pip went into it feeling I'm going to be 100% open and 100% myself. I'm going to think about what I do. Because I thought and then acted, I'm proud of that. Clare, America is applauding you as well. Thank you for joining us.

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{"id":22938648,"title":"Clare Crawley: What Really Happened With 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Bachelor\" finalist joins \"GMA\" to talk about the most jaw-dropping final conversation in the show's history.","url":"/GMA/video/clare-crawley-happened-bachelor-juan-pablo-22938648","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}