College Application Process Roadmap

Admissions expert Bari Norman discusses how to navigate the application process.
1:32 | 01/17/16

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Transcript for College Application Process Roadmap
school seniors are sending out those final college applications and junior is wondering if they should start the process. Navigating the application process. Joining me is an executive from executive admissions. Seniors will be happy to know that there's not much to do. They should be making that seni senioritis hasn't gotten the best of them. Make sure each application is complete. Even though you have proof that something was sent doesn't mean it made its way into the pile. Start thinking about your lists and priorities. Decisions are going to come out in March and ale April. What about juniors in high school. Juniors actually have the most going on this time of year. They should know when they're taking the standardized test. Are you doing the A.C. 26789? Perhaps the new S.A.T.? Should be trying to figure out what your list is going to look like, start building it. It's by no means set, it's fluid. It will inform where you visit. Probably not too early for sophomores and ninth graders to think about that. Thank you very much. Sara Haines, what you got.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"Admissions expert Bari Norman discusses how to navigate the application process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36343602","title":"College Application Process Roadmap","url":"/GMA/video/college-application-process-roadmap-36343602"}