Do College Degrees Really Prepare Students for Life?

A New York Times article states that 83 percent of college seniors graduated without a job this year.
3:04 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Do College Degrees Really Prepare Students for Life?
trending big on "The New York times" website and just in time for all those young adults heading off to college an op-ed asking if that degree is really preparing students for the real world? The author citing a recent poll from the online job site after college saying that 83% of graduating college seniors said they didn't have a job lined up as of the spring and suggesting that colleges create a course in career training and make it a mandatory requirement for graduation. They said there's a diskept between the -- in the school about career options and letting them know how to go about to apply that degree to get a job. Great idea. To give kids a way to also job interviews, all the things you have to have. Skis you have to have. I like that idea but a debate whether college should be exploring yourself or tracking you into a -- Why do you have to choose? Have one class freshman year -- Exploring is great until you have bills to pay. And exploring whether or not what you think you want to do is really what's suited for you. Yeah. But it's also -- I learned how to --%. Very practical. My new -- supply learned how to balance a checkbook in college. There was some wonderful life lessons -- Did you have money to balance? Not much so that made it a little bit easier. I learned -- You guys are on fire. Welcome back, robin. Okay, next up in the "Heat index," this is a big one. What's more important if you have that afternoon slump, coffee or a nap? Well, there's a new study that says that coffee nap may be the right way to do it of it's not scientifically completely C conclusive but the idea you have your cup of coffee before take ago I 20-minute nap. It takes 20 minutes for the caffeine to get into your system. A 20-minute nap is the ideal length so if you go for 20 minutes the coffee and nap kick in. I might do some research this afternoon on that. That soups -- So counterterinu tiff. I love the idea and thaw wake up more alert and ready to go. Two of my favorite things. Coffee is waking you up. How that works, Amy. I'll let you know tomorrow. All of you at home what mawakes up up more, 52% a nap, 48% said coffee. Also in our "Heat index" robin Williams' daughter sell da is making a return to Twitter after deleting her account from her devices in August after the death of her dad, Zelda became a victim of online bullying following her father's death and sharing a powerful message with her followers back online quoting her dad's "Mrs "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Harvey fierstein who said "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, define yourself." Perfect. Words to live by. I'm glad she feels like she can get back out there and I think everybody needs to just give her a break. So very important.

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{"id":25211804,"title":"Do College Degrees Really Prepare Students for Life?","duration":"3:04","description":"A New York Times article states that 83 percent of college seniors graduated without a job this year.","url":"/GMA/video/college-degrees-prepare-students-life-25211804","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}