College Student Disappears Days Before Classes Begin

Father searches for teenage son who seemly vanished into the woods.
2:16 | 08/25/13

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Transcript for College Student Disappears Days Before Classes Begin
Now to the mysterious and wrenching missing persons case. This is a father in anguish searching for his teenage son, possibly reenacting the plot from into the wild. Good morning. Good morning, the college student due to start class this is past monday has been missing for a week. His father fears he may be imitating the popular movie. David crum is a thousand miles from home, searching for jonathan who's been missing for six days. Police believe he may not want to be found. I've never felt a fear like this. This is unexplainable. ♪ he says his son vanished just after setting out on the long road trip from arizona to washington state after visiting a friend. That friend is the last to hear from him. He talked about going on an adventure. I hope you enjoy your adventure. Hello, jonathan, are you there? It's the last time. David now fears that adventure may have been inspired by the 2007 film into the wild. About a young hiker seeking isolation in the alaskan wilderness. We're talking about a kid that has been almost obsessed with this particular movie. My concern is he's out there with limited resources and not a lot of experience. Police found his car abandoned in rural oregon. Inside, his wallet, i.D.200 cash, and a book. He left everything behind and took off just like the movie. We don't know what he left with. This morning, his father is back in the wild, searching for his son and he isn't leaving until he finds him. He wants local authorities to let private rescue groups come and help with the search. He welcomes anyone with knowledge into the area to help. They can't go that deep, they're not equipped. Feel horrible for the father. Let's hope he finds him. Ginger zee with the national

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{"id":20060158,"title":"College Student Disappears Days Before Classes Begin","duration":"2:16","description":"Father searches for teenage son who seemly vanished into the woods.","url":"/GMA/video/college-student-disappears-days-classes-begin-20060158","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}