Community Leaders Respond to Orlando Massacre

Tim Vargas, president of the LGBT Center of Central Florida, and Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, respond to the mass shooting.
3:41 | 06/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Community Leaders Respond to Orlando Massacre
So many citizens of Orlando suffering in the aftermath of these attacks. We're joined by two community leaders Tim vargas and Ima'am Muhammad musr the head of the islamic center of central Florida. Tim, I can't imagine how this has hit your community, how you all coming together dealing with it? Well, it's been obviously very tough, the organization that I lead is a community center, so, yesterday, we sprang into action getting counseling, grief counseling network set up, establishing a crisis hot line and starting to work with community members that just needed somewhere safe to be. So it's been rough. What do you want to say to the gay and lesbian community to Orlando. First of all, I want to say we are with you. We stand right next to you, support you and we'll do our best to protect you. You know, we are as Orlando community very shocked by what happened, the massacre yesterday morning, really was unimaginable. You know, over the years, our communities have been attacked by the same hate groups who would come in and protest at their center and then they come to our mosque and protest. So, we are two vulnerable communities that are under attack. And to have someone who claims to be Muslim go attack, you know, this community here is shocking. Claims to be a Muslim. Claims to be Muslim we say you can't be a Muslim if you have the heart to hurt a human being. And we condemn his actions, you know, on the strongest terms. What he did is a hate crime, is a criminal terrorist attack that we condemn as muslims in the strongest terms. Coming in the middle of gay pride month. You have seen these parades, celebrations across the country, but a lot of free now as well. Yes, you know, again, we saw lots of pictures coming from L.A. And different pride evens that were happening across the country, we received support from, you know, people around the world, even, and it's been super heartening to see, you know, out of this tragedy that there is a community that's pulling together and even more than that a world that's pulling together. Do you feel united in the face of this tragedy? We have worked on many times on many fronts united the interfaith community here is united behind the lgbt community and we are committed to our diversity as a community. The Muslim community, I spoke to leaders from New York to California yesterday, said we need to stand up together to express our solidarity with the lgbt community. We need to stand up against terrorism, loud and clear against the actions of Isis. And so, we're calling on a March in Washington next month, on July 23rd, right at the national mall, we're asking muslims, we're asking everybody to come out in the community to support and to speak that this tragedy will unite us not divide us. Thank you both for joining us

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Tim Vargas, president of the LGBT Center of Central Florida, and Imam Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, respond to the mass shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39807680","title":"Community Leaders Respond to Orlando Massacre","url":"/GMA/video/community-leaders-respond-orlando-massacre-39807680"}