3 complementary natural remedies for flu relief

With flu season in full swing, Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down some natural remedies you can use at home that may bring some relief.
2:56 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for 3 complementary natural remedies for flu relief
More now on how to fight the flu. For the first time the entire continental U.S. Is seeing widespread activity all at once and flu season as we know is far from over. We have, what, still up to 13 weeks to go and so, Jen, you're back to talk to us about these complementary natural remedies. So let me set the stage for you. To be very clear, there is not yet peer review evidence based medicine that supports the use of alternative or complementary therapies in the battle against the flu and so according to the CDC the best protection is still the flu vaccine even though it's relatively low efficacy and medications like antivirals and I want to be very, very clear that while a lot of people have a real interest in these and I do think that it deserves a lot more rigorous science especially with children, pregnant women, this is not recommended without the consult and advice of your health care provider. So it has been noted so we're going to start -- oregano. Can you spell that? Oregano oil known as p734, the volatile oil in there and active ingredient is something called carvicol and evidence there is anti-bacterial effect. Use a couple of drops on water, put it under your tongue, swish and swallow. The dose is unclear. We have to preface that really with a lot of these and we're not really -- Sorry. Really opens up the sinuses. Too many drops. And we're not sure obviously yet good data on toxicity but it's been really studied pretty aggressively and promising work done in the lab. Next -- I have heard of this. Really? This is actually being studied for its antiviral products known to be active against rsv and parainfluenza. Research is ongoing to see if it works against the regular influenza. A couple of cap leis and follow the label and then the last thing is elder berry extract. What? This I'm most excited about because this actually is thought two promote antiviral activity that helps it attach to a respiratory and mucosal cells so rigorous science behind these. Not yet peer review and evidence-based but I find it interesting. That's your bottom line. Listen, the bottom line is that with any of these you have to remember risk/benefit options. It definitely needs more rigorous study and I want to be very, very clear I've heard the flu causes severe illness and death. I would recommend these in addition to conventional treatment, not in lieu of. And still it's not too late to get the shot. Get your flu vaccine. It's available. All right, Jen. We worked you out today. Thank you. I'm so lucky.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"With flu season in full swing, Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down some natural remedies you can use at home that may bring some relief. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52396782","title":"3 complementary natural remedies for flu relief","url":"/GMA/video/complementary-natural-remedies-flu-relief-52396782"}