Cook Like a Pro With 'Blue Apron'

The founder of the gourmet food delivery company shares his cooking tips.
3:00 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Cook Like a Pro With 'Blue Apron'
And this is like and this is like home for me yet this year with blue late rent and ends. The labor it is that I I could -- -- seriously door to door I heard about that I heard about it from you first and that's what I would say and it's -- -- by the way I didn't introduce you guys -- -- his hair and blue apron and it comes to your door. It is all -- -- beautiful box fresh produce fresh meat fresh whenever you want relief and it and for me and Ohio is tell people. Samantha my producer started using it. Because it comes exactly package to sell when I would still in -- I'd always have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- time I got a recipe -- that not anymore and you get that little perfect size for what you need. It's exactly measured out portion by portion everything that you need to cook meals at home and it comes with these beautiful -- -- that day now and who would step by step instructions that -- Cooking great meals really easy and -- And it's it's so easy I was gonna say has -- didn't love -- wasn't something and now we do it together I wanna -- years actually I think we have. Some pictures of -- -- attempted to -- to be the judge apparently did call eureka. -- -- I -- here -- angry and it's still more easy -- reasons for the six months. Imagine. Finally -- agreement but. Let's try it do you Glavine and China's. And now he has. Her hair -- all of that plan. Very simple and clean up all the ingredients to think we have -- here. Check in and 500 degrees. -- -- Like -- you don't feel like he yelled -- left yet and antagonized a lot of last -- -- did it come out. Awesome book I -- I think we do have a -- picture but yes -- I did a couple we did that Turkey cut Clinton's. And I don't know how we did it that -- tonight didn't taking. Maybe seriously as you teetering nailed everything she ever try -- but. We drink and cooked -- -- time tabulated and eight deep taste free -- didn't look the same as your -- -- I think we have. Some of the pictures practice makes perfect trip yeah definitely decided that -- -- -- -- Sure. It's shaking mr. Becker. Do whatever you do not -- the rich get sick from -- you know. It looks pretty good. -- -- could be picked up. Okay big things get now. I kinda let him take -- we eat I felt I was more of the sport the best part is -- -- -- spending -- together in the kitchen cooking and yes there's a couple yeah and that's fantastic because people are getting the editor cooking again and it's really exciting. And that I don't know if you guys know this but for GMA -- viewers today -- different dot com slash Gmail lives 30% off your first clocks in at. Tolerate your price yeah that and really really great deal and that's the thing I think Kidd has to go out to dinner like we were before this has saved -- significant amount of money -- that I don't think he'll leftovers she is sometimes when you can you I feel that staff feeling of trying to. I'm not that crafty and finding new recipe -- is exactly what you had. If everything goes in and it done you have nothing like and you don't leave anything I -- -- happy all the back and you guys -- -- that we have a little appeal for a fifty. -- There -- -- I don't know if there having -- I think pink however you can something. Do something you're so today we have a recipe it's chicken -- can -- with ramps sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas and these are the kind kinds of things that we serve a blip and recipes it's all seasonal really fresh food -- and ramps are wild forged. They called it would leaks can you have to get them in the northeast are only available for a couple weeks out of the year it's really special and that's the kind of -- -- like you're cut. -- -- unconventional announcement take case to aid our ramp exactly -- one original chocolate as a forming at you I'm just -- -- rough -- really rough really -- -- -- Kinda limited help perfect I love -- you know what I roughly half I'm not ever sure what rough -- really should. I never -- Iraq shop and several -- -- season the chicken right here just a little sprinkling of salts and it's a black pepper you don't normally let me -- things and watching the you can also -- reading bring it and I know that Yasser we're gonna go ahead and put a little olive oil and the -- -- -- just want to. That's the only thing -- need a home by the way -- all oil salt and pepper that's it right. So the banking covered except -- that it's so easy exactly city everything else. Wally did the next -- chicken going in so what we're gonna do is because I don't want to get touching the raw chicken instead -- Can cut the chicken -- -- and I can think you can put your head and this guy in the hands. Just like Seattle and he handed. This is really how easy it is to give -- all of the stuff with the construction sites about going there -- even -- a play like that this is like effectively it out like. I think -- and I don't look at the Nissan -- getting everything ready before you cut its I was the best way to go because you can work really clean yes and then you can have -- a -- -- when you enjoy your meal everything's like this beautiful you sit down relax and like -- is -- -- -- -- So I parked at the sweet potatoes -- 31 at that was going to have let an automatically give me shelter again after getting -- business. What kept you'll get a little. Sorry you got it when it yes I wouldn't Wear find -- -- at -- next up we're gonna turn turn this chicken you're disputing about. Next. To once and that's the same kids that -- -- the time -- -- you do Ford a six minutes on 12 I don't always have set up what I make -- -- myself exactly tell you can not stood up all the details are there it wouldn't keep the recipe to we kept the rest of the -- So -- make it again if we ever discover where those ingredients came from. Exactly. Of people who go online they can look at recipes in Trenton -- -- no you can't we're gonna do look up to you can look them up and we've got a great cookbook online so just a little bit of butter in here. And that I give it more little primer -- and we'll take this guy out tank and we'll just let that cost -- rest. Turning -- I don't exactly and you got him through in this city snap peas in the ramps. Now I read it to the parents are you flipping something -- not -- anything. Apparently that by working to toss those babies in there with these kids get a chalked up ramps at another rant you -- -- -- and grandson which are that was my pick at least you're saying yeah. I might be immediately after the garlic -- -- -- editor. The garlic and how different all of me every record you know what has happened there -- and the other thing while doing it's it's not just if -- vegetarian there vegetarian -- We have vegetarian options we -- options -- of the presbyterian option we have all kinds of different -- you can selectively consider restaurants. -- -- we're getting -- sometimes forget really that's -- so we'll do a couple quick things and then we'll. -- didn't pull out. These sweet potatoes cool instant thing he's -- -- fighter. Jack Palestinians but it biter yeah. And then we'll add the rest of the the butter here and that's the final -- -- and salt. Seasoning. And gentlemen he asked this morning yes smashed need to get circulated here -- -- this -- work. What killed some of the -- Atlanta tonight -- -- at that event might we should Hawaii and it hit the the lighted keypad and a danger would've ended up like everything else that you would have -- all the work and I just there -- -- -- -- For every team for Ralph cell -- respectful. We have had a good chance to sit out an entire concept -- are you guys are my shots it's awesome. There were gonna play these guys -- -- the trailer nailed the little bit of -- needed to look a little better you know it's just did a good rule of thumb equating is just 123 so that's one half. Then we'll take our our ramps and -- garlic the pleading to the candidates are excited to eat and then I think this didn't I don't know anybody said he event filling needs to be sent again almost all of these but they're all under 700 calories -- under 700 calories are -- 35 minutes or -- to -- Can't and it's just an incredible. Incredible learning experience and doesn't give us a couple couple quick slices -- -- that they're brilliant touch on my Turkey slash chicken and we'll put that on there and I'm not gonna ship. Actually when you finish it and it was just a little squeeze of land at the scene the accident happened much top -- a couple of you -- you gotta tell by the Palestinian youths you felt he had meant that -- Diana did and I'm a little -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- right. Thank god thank you for being yeah. Dot com slash -- -- don't forget they get an idea sent him to personally I'm back with our -- great deal and we hope that you enjoy enjoy the impact -- He's almost -- saying. -- -- -- and something that's my partner our lives in Atlanta every day 9 AM eastern. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23638550,"title":"Cook Like a Pro With 'Blue Apron'","duration":"3:00","description":"The founder of the gourmet food delivery company shares his cooking tips.","url":"/GMA/video/cook-pro-blue-apron-23638550","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}