"Cronut" Copycats Emerge Nationally as Food Fad Takes Hold

New croissant-doughnut combo has become a full-blown U.S. craze.
2:12 | 06/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "Cronut" Copycats Emerge Nationally as Food Fad Takes Hold
and those cronuts we sampled here on set, remember, the part croissant, part doughnut have turned into a full-blown craze across the country. How big of a craze? We put nick watt on the case. ♪ Reporter: Ridiculously early every morning in downtown manhattan there's a line, an around the block and two hour wait. What time did you get up? 4:20. Reporter: For the cronut. Dominic ansel. Reporter: Taste draws the connoisseur. Why did you want to be a kroner? I did not want to eat a cronut. What kind of question is that. Reporter: And the hype draws so many more. Want to be the guy that ate the cronut. Reporter: Anderson cooper tried to call in and failed to get an order for his birthday and hugh jackman stood in line with the tired and weary. 5 bucks a pop but change hands for 40 bucks apiece on the black market. Doughnuts, croissant. Mm-mm. It does work. Not enough to stand in that line either. Everyone is trying to get in on the craze. Days ago pillsbury introduced a diy cronut and in august always they're trying to create the labradoodle of baked goods. Doors open at:00 with a strict two cronut limit per person. So more and more people will get it. Reporter: How do you feel? Stressed. Have a bite. Reporter: Are you sure? Yeah. Reporter: Mm-mm. And we couldn't get the real thing this morning. They're too hard to find but we have the pillsbury version. This is the people's cronut. You notice I have half a dodd, guys, so go about your business. I can promise a cup of coffee, get a newspaper and kick back. Do what you got to do. We should put birthday candles. Happy birthday, nick. Dig in. It's all yours. See it all right here. Happy birthday, big guy. Thank you, guys. Good to have you here.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"New croissant-doughnut combo has become a full-blown U.S. craze.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19346446","title":"\"Cronut\" Copycats Emerge Nationally as Food Fad Takes Hold","url":"/GMA/video/cronut-recipe-sweeps-nyc-nation-national-donut-day-19346446"}