Damian Lewis Visits the White House and Learns Obama Watches 'Homeland'

The Emmy winner talks about the hit show and visiting the White House.
5:30 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Damian Lewis Visits the White House and Learns Obama Watches 'Homeland'
Our next guest is an emmy and golden globe winner for his outstanding performance in the acclaimed series "homeland." He plays a u.S. Marine held captive for eight years in afghanistan. This season, he's been on the run. He is kind of wanted around the world. Where is he? He's here with us. Damian lewis is here. Oh. That -- we should say this. Just spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. So, if you are binge-watching the show, just mute it. It's going to end with a flourish. We're not going to give away too much. Speaking of that, I told the guys here a couple months ago, i binge watched one weekend. I came in one morning, watching the first two seasons. And it's such a heck of a show. You can binge. It's impossible to turn away. Is it like that for you? A little bit. The only reason I had to turn away is to not be in a few episodes to grow this mustache. We're going to let everybody know about the mustache in a little bit. Your character, there's reason for us not to pull for you. But people love you. I know. What is it about his character? I can see one or two -- but i think the reason people like brody is because he's essentially trying to do the right thing. And he keeps doing the wrong thing. He makes bad choices trying to do the right thing. And I think, you know, just a testament to the skill and the writing. They basically, they draw together all these story lines. So, just the point when you should be hating brody, you're shooting for him because he is placed in a moment of tension. Are they going to catch him? Is he going to be away with it. And it's fun to be with someone if they're trying to get away with something. Even if it's blowing up the vice president. I'm a couple behind right now. The last time I saw you, no hair. About to become a smack addict. Another bad choice. Bad choice. I think brody, you know, if you just wind back seven or eight years, at the moment brody decided to go to war and fight for his country, at that moment, the wheels fell off. At that moment, he was taken captive. And was incarcerated and brutally tortured psychologically and physically. From that moment until this point, his life has been exhausting. He sits in a hole in caracas. And just the moment when the needle looks attractive as an option. Behind the scenes, a little intel. You are quite the song and dance man. And you and mandy sometimes break out a show tune on the set. You know mandy likes to break out a show tune. He had me singing "agony," a song from "into the woods," the only musical I've ever done. And he said, I do that on my show. Come over here. Let's practice. So, we went into my congressional office, in season two. And while they were setting up the camera, we were singing "agony" together, in harmonies. Incorrect quite a bit. Getting notes wrong. Quickly, this is true. Obviously taken the country, the world by storm. We were there the night you won the emmy. And the show arrived to a degree. What's it like when you find out president obama loves the show? And you sit with him. And you have those moments of interaction? It was an -- it was an extraordinary moment. actually, it became public in "the new york times." And everyone realized around the world, that your president was sitting down and watching "homeland." I sat with him -- opposite him at the same table at a dinner at the white house, which is extraordinary. I was sure I would be next to the toilets. I was at the table opposite the president. And I asked him when he watched the show. He said, saturday afternoon. I'm going into my office to work. There you go. And I watch "homeland." That's what he's watching saturday afternoon. Explain the mustache. I'm doing a movie, playing a german, a war hero in 1915, who died in italy. So, I'm trying to get a handlebar mustache going. But it's also for movember, for prostate cancer awareness. And gentlemen around the world, grow a mustache. You look good. Is it okay? Does your wife like it? My wife does not like it. There she is. You make it look good. We know you're a great ping-pong player. But we ran out of time. Lara and I were going to challenge you. Maybe in the break. Maybe we will. Let's ping and pong it. Let's do it. If you ping and pong it. "Homeland" sunday nights. All the time in our homes. I'm binged out.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The Emmy winner talks about the hit show and visiting the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20888897","title":"Damian Lewis Visits the White House and Learns Obama Watches 'Homeland'","url":"/GMA/video/damian-lewis-interview-2013-actor-watches-homeland-president-20888897"}