Damien Chazelle discusses 'La La Land' live on 'GMA'

The director of the Academy Award-nominated film dishes on the making of the movie.
4:45 | 02/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Damien Chazelle discusses 'La La Land' live on 'GMA'
we're bringing out Damien chazelle, director of "La la land." Let's bring him out right now. Good to see you. Hi. How are you? How are you? Oh, my gosh, an honor to meet you. Nice to see you. Good to see you. Congratulations on everything. Everything. You are on a roll. "Whiplash" and "La la land," 14 Oscar nominations sweeping all the awards. Has it sunk in yet. No, probably -- it's probably obvious that it hasn't when you just look at me. I'm like -- I find it crazy of the I find it surreal. I am thrilled a lot of the people who made the movie with me are getting acknowledged. That's a great thing. And you got so much attention for that incredible opening scene, that amazing dance number on the L.A. Freeway. Now, is it really true you almost didn't do it. Well, so what happened is we did it. We always wanted to do it but then when we were editing the movie it seemed to not work for a long time. There was stuff around it. Ah, this isn't really getting us into the movie the way we need it to. First we thought it was the scene and four months the movie didn't have -- It started with the next scene. Basically, yeah, started with like a little bit between Ryan and Emma. What's that like when you say it's not working? What do you mean it's not working? What's not happening? It's tough to describe. It's kind of -- I mean in a way it's part of the pain and joy of making a movie. A lot of it you can't explain. You sit and watch and something feels right, feels wrong. I found it helpful to invite friends to the cutting room and watch scenes or the movie and mainly just kind of watch them watch it because you could kind of see, oh, where they're twitching in their seat and kind of recoiling or leaning. When you're doing this, what are you seeing? Put up that -- Directors do it for show. I was like, what? Really cool. Looks great. We have to look like we know something. In the scene George talked about earlier I was amazed at because of the coordination of the scene and secondly you were able to stop traffic in L.A. For that long. That blew my mind. How did you do that? Well, I alone didn't -- could never have done that. It was an incredible team of -- my choreographer Mandy Moore, different Mandy Moore than some people think. And the whole crew on the movie, they managed to convince the city to let us shoot on this freeway for a Saturday and Sunday so we kind of went in in the dead of night, piled all the cars in there and the crew got it all ready and started rehearsing at dawn. Then as soon as the sun is high you start shooting and cram it out until the sun sets again. Did you wear a disguise so people being held up in traffic didn't hate you for it. Good luck with that. I tried to. We were up -- you were up on this ramp and in the number you can see cars just kind of going down and my actually -- my editor who I'm good friends with tells me a story he was driving his kid, I think, to the zoo or something, one of those days and like looked up at the freeway, he forgot we were shooting, oh, god, I do not want to be up there. Car after car stopped and then he likes looks closer and sees the cars just stop at a certain point and people on top of the cars and he's like and then it occurred to me they're shooting. It's Damien. If you're one of the few who haven't seen "La la land," here it is. I go the a callback. What? Come on. For what? For a TV show. The one I was telling you about. "The dangerous minds meets -- Yeah. Congratulations. That's incredible. I feel like I said negative stuff about it before. What? It's like "Rebel without a cause." I got the blitz. Yes. You've never seen it. I've never seen it. Oh, my. Those two are just magic on the screen. I was -- it's the best special effect you can ask for is just having the two of them in a frame together. I was really -- I was lucky. Yeah. We're lucky. Absolutely. You're just 32. Yeah. Gosh. Wow. It makes it go what have I done with my life? Just getting started. Congratulations. Congratulations. Thank you. "La la land" is in theaters now. Cross our fingers.

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{"id":45524669,"title":"Damien Chazelle discusses 'La La Land' live on 'GMA'","duration":"4:45","description":"The director of the Academy Award-nominated film dishes on the making of the movie. ","url":"/GMA/video/damien-chazelle-discusses-la-la-land-live-gma-45524669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}