'Dancing With the Stars' New Season Off to Sizzling Start

Show veterans Sherri Shepherd and Chelsie Hightower show you highlights from the premiere.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' New Season Off to Sizzling Start
Guys ready for "Dancing with the stars"y. Yes. Season 18 off to a sizzling start last night and our friends and dancing vets, Sherri shepherd and Chelsie Hightower are here and first we'll look at the highlights. It was an electrifying return to the ballroom. ? the stars bursting right into season 18. Real housewife nene Leakes got the party started with a vivacious cha-cha. ? and Candace Cameron Bure wowed the crowd with her modern moves. ? Burn burn burn ? ? looking for attention ? Reporter: Danica Mckellar sealed her foxtrot with a kiss for Bruno. ? Lately I've been -- And paralympian Amy Purdy was just plain inspiring. Like a dancer contestant. You are like a beacon of light in this world. ? Reporter: But it was the olympians who ruled the night. Gold medal ice dancer Charlie white topping the leaderboard. All 9s for his contemporary dance. His partner on the ice Meryl Davis dazzling the judges with her cha-cha. ? but the force was not with Billy Dee Williams. His cha-cha put him at the bottom of the pack with a score of 15 out of 30. We have to go -- We want to get to our "Gma" flash poll first. We asked which couple dazzled on the dance floor guess who the winner was, Candace Cameron Bure and mark Ballas. 22% of the vote. Sherri shepherd and -- There are a lot of votes split. Wide open. Surprised me, this is where I want to start with you. You see the olympians out there, Charlie and Meryl. These guys are dancers. You know what, I loved actually after I watched Billy Dee Williams who I love, you know, struggle on the floor to watch the dancers, I was excited. I was excited to watch the olympians. They were something else. You expect that from them but it is different. They were contemporary. That's a big -- Hey, we're glad you're joining us as well. Top of the leaderboard and talking a little about on the bottom, Billy Dee, but he -- well -- Billy Dee -- You say you weren't going to go there. Not my Billy Dee Williams jokes. He was sweet. He's not the best dancer. He looks like a very nice man. And Billy de -- He had two hip replace many answer I think he was missing a foot when he was dancing and he -- but he was good. He's your friend. I love Billy Dee. Oh, yeah. Colt 45. He ran a tight ship up there in -- That's Landau calrissian. They had the little troopers dancing. You got that right. You love Billy Dee. Doesn't sound like you were surprised by Billy. Who surprised you. Nene. I love nene. She used to be a stripper so she got a leg up on the competition. I didn't even know. That's a good thing. You use everything that you got and if you stripped you get on that floor. Look at nene. That's a dollar bill right there. Go, nene Leakes. You get down. And that's my girl. I love nene Leakes. I was so happy. Look at her. I was happy. Look, she got bills all over the stairs. I am voting for her. I love nene. Personality. My biggest surprise, as well. She was -- you know, I didn't know what to expect from her. She was very rhythmically and techniquewise she wasn't bad. Didn't you think she looked -- We've got to get to Amy Purdy. Please, please. Did you cry? I cry the entire tire. Unbelievable. Can we see her while we're talking about her with Derek hough. ? Chelsie, what did you think? Her hip was so great and to see somebody in that situation do technique that's that good -- And the situation we're talking about, she's a paralympian and her leg is a prosthetic leg at the knee. She can take the mirrorball because she has a lot of heart strings and she can dance. And she can dance. One of the highest scores. Got the scores because she could dance. Yes. And Derek hough is the amazing choreographer who can bring out the best in anybody in running out of time. Quickly who goes home first. It's either Diana nyad Orlando calrissian. I am going to have to say Billy Dee. We love him, though. Watch "Dancing with the stars" Mondays at 8:00 P.M. And the "Pretty little liars" are

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{"id":22952726,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' New Season Off to Sizzling Start","duration":"3:00","description":"Show veterans Sherri Shepherd and Chelsie Hightower show you highlights from the premiere.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-off-sizzling-start-22952726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}