What's Next for Darren Wilson

The cop has been in hiding since he says he shot Michael Brown.
4:16 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for What's Next for Darren Wilson
How long kids should really spend in class every day. Good information. And start with more of the ex-clues I have with Darren Wilson. Tell us what it's been like since August 9th to essentially be living in hiding? It's kind of hard to describe. Stressful, but that's an understatement. It's -- you're always looking. You're always wondering if someone recognized you, if someone is following you. Just every possibility you can think of. Were you out doing Normal things, going to the store, taking walks in the neighborhood. At times. Sometimes I had to. Normally tried to avoid it. You grew a beard. I had a beard. Did that help? I think so. It was uncomfortable, but I think it helped. Just take precautions. Everything you do, everywhere you go. From where you sit in a restaurant, where you drive, everything has to go through your head, make sure no one's following you. Everything. What's the most important thing you want the American people to know about you right now? We're just simple, every day, Normal people. There's really nothing special or anything about us. We're just Normal people. And when you see the parents, when you see the anger, do you think that there's something more that all police can do in your situation? What do you mean by that? What -- what do you think is at the heart of this anger that just seems to be seething throughout Ferguson. Seems like there's a lot of anger below the surface. I think there's a communication breakdown. Communication has to be re-established. Between? Everybody. All parties. But you feel that you had that in the force. I enjoyed working in Ferguson. Past tense, not going to happen again? Do you think it's possible? Do you think they would accept me? Be safe for me? Questions not only for me, but the other officers. The attention brought to me going to hurt one of them? Put them in the situation? You're going to resign the force? No decisions have been made, but these are ideas and thoughts we are contemplating. What do you want going forward? Just live a Normal life. Is that possible? It will be different. A new Normal. But we'll find it somehow. Any away you can turn what you experienced, what you were a part of, into something good. I'd love to teach people. Give people more insight on uses of force. Anything I can, anything that I can get out of this career I've had thus far. And of the incident. I would love to give someone else. Anything else you wanted to do? Not really. That was the job of my life. Loved it. I pictured being there on -- my only goal was to be promoted as sergeant. That's all I ever wanted. Be on the road for 30 years and retire as a sergeant. You love being a police officer? I love it. You got married. We did. And you're about to have a baby as well. Yes. I'm really just a simple guy. That's all I am. Went to the courthouse and got married a few weeks ago. Sometimes went to restaurants and hung out. Had to be careful. Grew a beard for a while. Michael brown's family has responded. They're not happy about the interview. They believe what the officer is saying adds insult to injury. They don't accept his story. There's still a lot of anger out there. A lot of anger on both sides. Some people who agree with what the officer has said. There are many people, of course, who said he should have been brought into a trial and brought up to charges and let a jury, not a grand jury, but a jury decide. But one thing that the police chief there in Ferguson said just recently again, reaffirming that violent death, regardless of the circumstances is so tragic. Always a tragedy. Always. We're going to have the entire interview on the website on goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The cop has been in hiding since he says he shot Michael Brown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27190462","title":"What's Next for Darren Wilson","url":"/GMA/video/darren-wilson-27190462"}