Deals and steals: Bargains on summer must-haves

From personalized platters to grilling tools to mosquito repellers, Tory Johnson has deals that offer up to 57 percent off.
4:28 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: Bargains on summer must-haves
for your home. Not just inside the home but outside your home, as well and these bargains start at just $4. All right, baby? We'll start with something hot, it keeps it hot when it's hot and cold when it's cold. Colder longer, hotter longer. I think that's what you said. Corksicle. That is the huge canteen. This is the largest size pitcher. So it goes where glass can't so when you think about boat, backyard, beach, pool, golf course, all the places where you want to keep a cold beverage or a hot beverage, gorgeous, what's amazing, the canteens keep cold up to 25 hours. The tumblers I love for sipping in style at your desk or home. Fabulous, plus their most popular products are aerators or wine and chill it and stick it in the beer bottle and it taste cold. We have every beverage need taken care of. All of these slashed by 50% so everything from corksicle is $9 to 24 bucks. Okay. From milo, so these are melamine plates and are just super fun are for serving food and using as table decor and wind up putting trinkets. Texas roots. Go to your Texas root, of course, what I love about these also they're dishwasher safe so everybody likes the convenience of dishwasher safe, normally, choose the pattern and put a name on it slashed to 20 bucks. 20 bucks for a personalized plate. Fabulous. Okay. So Schmidt. Doing grilling they make the most exquisite luxurious products for grilling. They come in singles like those or in big sets. What I love is there's stainless steel, bonded take. You got the technique, copper, chrome. Depending on the tile that you like, the look that you want, lightweight but also they've sturdiness what you want in grilling tools. Depending on the choice think summer, father's day, wedding gifts. They make fabulous products for wedding gifts. 30 to 130. Everything slashed in half so 15 to $65. That's a great deal. So when you're outdoors are mosquitoes. Thermacell makes two styles. The lantern or repellent device packaged with refill, cordless, wireless, just with the butane cartridge and get the device of your choice plus a pack of the refills which is good and packaged them together. Normally for the two, $37 slashed in half, $18.50 for the device and refill pack. That's worth it. Yeah, okay. Urban trends so I pulled this one out for you. This is -- that is a riser. So you could put -- if you steam a potato or steam some cauliflower and put it in there you can create cauliflower rice. You know how I get down in the kitchen. Urban trends has something for sort of every single need in the kitchen, Sal, prepping stuff for us was so excited. He is a chef. Whether you need T slice, dice, peel, scoop, there's something here or mash with that riser or measure. Something here for everybody. 8 to $35 all cut in half, $4 to $17.50 and then pasta. So grab one of these. Heat resistant, food grade silicone up to 425 degrees so, look, we have some boiling water here. You can do it. This is where "Gma" goes wrong. Normally $12, grab one of those. $12 slashed in half, 6 buck, heat resistant, you can do it. You can do it. Yeah. Right. You're trying to burn yourself. I'm trying to take my time. $6 for the gloves. Great job. Great job, Tory. Amazing deals and the great thing is, everybody is going home with some of these casa gloves. All these great deals and you

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"From personalized platters to grilling tools to mosquito repellers, Tory Johnson has deals that offer up to 57 percent off. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47478226","title":"Deals and steals: Bargains on summer must-haves ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-bargains-summer-haves-47478226"}