Deals and steals: The best bargains on spring fashion essentials

Tory Johnson shares deals of up to 58 percent off on spring fashion finds for women and children.
4:18 | 04/06/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: The best bargains on spring fashion essentials
spring fashion, Tory, up to 58% off. We got so much going on. We got to get started. First up, nydj, premium denim and a reason why we partnered them. Number one brand in department stores because of, well, aside from being soft, it's got its slimming lift tuck technology so that means a little lift in the back to enhance the curves and some tuck in the front to flatten whatever you want flattened. Unbelievable assortment. So these three outfits look fabulous. Top, bottoms of denim we have. I think this is the first assortment from them. Petite to plus, something to fit everybody and that's what they're about. Normally 58 to $144. Today everything is slashed in half starting at $29. Free shipping from nydj. I love that? All our models are out of our audience, by the way. We've put them to work today. As you are going to see right here too, okay, so we've got here skinny shirts so can we see a little cheat -- we have asked to you cheat and came in their sweaters and then look at that. So you've got this slimming middle but then the look -- you guys get the idea, right? They look gorgeous. You can put it down. Perfect. They were like, uh-oh what are you taking us back to put on. You gave it a thumbs up. You can have a look of either have cuffs which we didn't use any of the cuffs but tails, collar, you could just do the tails or collar. Even the hoodie is adorable. A huge assortment and again these come in a big range of sizes already. You look fabulous so thank you for doing it. These start at 32 to $84 but all slashed in half, 16 to $42. Thank you, guys. Thank you. Then we've got more help here. We've got -- come on up. You look so good too. These are rain wraps, stylish, right? Stylish. Claudia and Marsha are wearing rain wraps. Reversible. Lightweight. Water resistant, folding up into a tiny little thing and sort of it looks fabulous. It has a hood too on it so if you want the hood but she could wear it with the leopard or black, big assortment you'll find online. Normally these are $65. Slashed in half. $32.50. Thank you, guys. You look gorgeous too. Fashionable and dry for $32.50, a great deal, people. We have your approval. We're good. All right. Rule Lew dharma. Striped canvas totes great for guys or girls, they also have coordinating optional cosmetic cases. Great for weekend getaway. Whatever you got to do, got you covered. Slashed by at least 50%. Some more. 19 to $38 for the bag. Very good. Seraphina bracelets. This is like that easy magnetic closure. You don't have to wear it but agree that it's got an easy magnet. Maybe I'd like to wear it. We can put two together for you and give you a multiwrap. This gives you a three-wrap look. Bead, neon, neutrals. Big assortment. $48 but slashed by 58%, 20 bucks and I love the neon one. All right. So, you guys, come on out here. Now is the fun part. Now is the fun part. Here we go. Come on, kids. Spring and Easter means kids shoes. Look at this. We have Adrian, Sabine, will you wave to the camera. Make mom and daddy proud? Nina. Nina's best friend Maxwell, William is back there. A big assortment. More than a hundred pairs of shoes. These guys picked out all of their own. Your kid can pick out theirs from baby to tweens. Massive assortment. All brand names too. Huge brand names, 30 to $156, all slashed in half. Starting at 15 bucks. 15 bucks. 15 bucks. Great deal, Tory. Great deal by Tory. Kid, great deals -- great job by you could.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Tory Johnson shares deals of up to 58 percent off on spring fashion finds for women and children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46613243","title":"Deals and steals: The best bargains on spring fashion essentials","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-best-bargains-spring-fashion-essentials-46613243"}