'Dear Future Me': Students Pen Letters for the Future

The letters to their future selves are captured in a heartwarming video, plus Virgin America's First Class Shoe comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, video display and phone charger.
8:29 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for 'Dear Future Me': Students Pen Letters for the Future
I don't know if you can see the audience. Somehow they pushed out all the men. Nothing wrong with that, George. Nothing wrong with that. Girl power on "Gma." What do you have over there. The "Gma" paper and on the front page there's this guy who is amazing. Great article. And he's here right now. Everybody, please welcome grammy award winning singer Michael Buble. Don't get up. Don't get up. How are you? Okay. Mwah. Man crush. You already kissed the picture. You know how many types I kissed it too? Oh, my gosh. "Gma." I'm so -- We're going to get to music in a minute. Sure. But we're going to have topics you can chime in on. We know you're shy. So efficient right now. George, what you got? Everybody remembers that time in life when maybe out of high school just getting into college, didn't know what you were going to do with your life and well, two young women have figured out a great way to help people think about it. Alison and Megan from Ireland and they created a video called dear future me. Let's take a look. Every now and then you're going to need to put yourself first and do your own thing and that's okay. I hope you don't take yourself too seriously and I hope you continue to laugh about the things that go wrong in your life. I hope you live by. An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. It means it will launch you to something great. Keep focusing and everything will go your way. You shined, shimmered splendidly. Beyonce would be so proud of you. Fantastic encouragement. Right there. Michael, this plays in perfectly to your new album. Check this out. He's speaking to his younger self. Isn't that fabulous? There he is. Yep. I was wondering -- How old were you? I was 8 years old and the first one in 40 years old in the second one. You have two boys. I do. 3 and 10 months. Little. Future me. Yes. They're just getting to that wrestling stage, right? Yes. Spider-man. I love that you just said ah instead of boo. No one boos children. Yes. Your kids are like your future self so what wow say to your kids? You know, I think one of the things that I always want to say to young people is that the only difference truly between being young and old who are older is life experience and I want to say to kids out there that are watching this morning, that it gets better. I know your life experience doesn't tell you that. You think that the life is like this forever but it does get better. High school, you think it's forever. It isn't real. The social scene will change for you. It's a flash. Know that it gets better. It really does. There's so many kids being bullied and people dealing with heavy things at that age and need people to be able to talk to or people to talk to them. The one thing they can't have is perspective. It's hard. Very true. I would say try not -- try to live in the moment. Stop rushing to the neck thing and appreciate the here and the now. That is a good point. I feel like we're always looking either back and questioning or regretting or looking forward for the next thing. How about just being right here and appreciating it. You know -- And get off your phone. Get off your phone. I think the biggest thing for me was just, you know, growing up and appreciating it. I'm with you. Be in the moment. Appreciate what you have and I would love to tell my kids get a job in the future so daddy can stop -- Just saying. And I have a question for everybody. How much would you pay for a pair of shoes? What's the most -- how much would you pay. Are we talking shes. $100. Sneakers or for shoes. For any shoe. What's the most you would pay. You can't ask that. No. Yeah, that's probably a bad thing. What would you pay over $99,000 for a pair of shoes? We all say -- Definitely no. Definitely no. I think we actually have the $100,000 shoes in house. These are -- Real shoes. They exist right here. Wow. Virgin American airlines created them. The only pair. Don't touch them. You'll have to pay for them, okay. They're called the first class shoe. They want to give people the experience of being in first class from virgin airlines but we have wi-fi. A little belt right here. There's a USB phone charger. Can you try to charge my phone, Michael? See if it actually works. All for a good cause raising money for charity. Oh, wow. Soles for soles and you can bid on it on Ebay right now and all the money will go towards this charity that provides shoes and clothing for underprivileged kids. But if you wear them on the play and say fasten your seat belts do you have to fasten your shoes too. It has a screen on it. It has everything. They don't think anybody will really wear them. It has mood lighting on the side. People have bid it up to -- Over $99,000. That's a great cause and for a very unattractive shoe. Exactly. Are you kidding? The only one in the world. You will be the only person with these shoes. Yes, yes. And it's great, great cause so bid away, ladies. Somebody is bidding on this right now. My grandpa has a pair just like that. They have no internet or TV but they look a lot like them and look very comfy. On a silver tray. You know what, we'll get to something that is the most important thing here at the table right now. You Mr. Michael Buble. Oh, no, no. Please. Let's stop talking about me or my album that drops today. I'm not here for that. Yes, you are. Honestly I want to just talk about other things. Than my album that drops today. Nobody but me. "Nobody but me". You'll sing for us. Yes, a many. So excited about that. You got original music on it but also reinvent some classics. Love that combination. Thank you. What's your favorite on the album? There's so many favorites. I mean they're all -- What's it called again "Nobody but me." Dropping today. Amazon, iTunes or Best Buy -- you know, for me I really think that I love the fact that I get to continue the legacy of my idols through the great American songbook which is the greatest gift America ever gave to the arts and my job is to make it more authentic than it's ever been before so like "God only knows," a reimaged cover of one of the greatest songs ever written by Brian Wilson. I dug deep. You know, and for me that was the process was doing -- for that song, for instance, I went into the studio, shut off awe the lights, put my piano next to my Mike and shut the lights completely off and put I picture of my two kids and sang this song to them. When you hear the record, you get a sense of that intimacy and that sense that I was like as you said in the moment. How does it work? How do you decide. With great difficulty. I must love what I do because I've got to sing this stuff for the rest of my life. So this is also the first record I ever produced and that's very much like an actor who decides he's going to, you know, make his own movie or direct his own movie so everyone in my life thought I was crazy that I was throwing it away that I was making the decision that is the worst decision you can make and it was so fulfilling to be with my best friends and create something that meant a lot to me and you leave your comfort zone, you grow. Good advice for your future self. What do your boys think about the album? It's called "Nobody but me." And so flat that your voice is okay. Thank you. You sound like me. Yes. But, no, voice is great. We'll hear it later. Congrats on your two little beautiful boys that we got to see pictures of earlier and the album, again, what was it called? He's going to perform just ahead.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"The letters to their future selves are captured in a heartwarming video, plus Virgin America's First Class Shoe comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, video display and phone charger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42954493","title":"'Dear Future Me': Students Pen Letters for the Future","url":"/GMA/video/dear-future-students-pen-letters-future-42954493"}