Dennis Quaid talks his new series 'Fortitude' and looks back on his long career

Quaid appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new Amazon Studio's series "Fortitude."
18:19 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Dennis Quaid talks his new series 'Fortitude' and looks back on his long career
Michael. I need to talk to you. For some reason the harbor master won't give us through if you. Not just meet the whole fleet. This new arrangement. Everything then also subsidizes has to be re approved by an official from us them. I'm under instructions cuper. I do I need this. I have to go to C aren't happy hit the crap this time. More fit any saying. I have never asked you for fever difficulty. Hey I wouldn't. Who don't won't come to us. I need to get out there and. Oh. And we'll be right there. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is pop and in the culture and my guess today's Dennis Quaid who of course. I've been watching Dennis and things since breaking away. Well. Such a child in this that anyway now he has fortitude. On Amazon. Which is beginning season two which is his first time at Ford took my first season your with its decapitated bodies. In Arctic nor weighing. When this it was that what attracted you do it. Will the decapitated bodies but I don't mind at the doorway that we actually shot it's it's. Those to be Norway. Actually north. Side we shot and Iceland which was very attractive. Where it fisherman and a there's Eric Goucher trying to make money off him perhaps. Yet flipped the thirteen month. Answers on the outlook a pound whatever wherever in the market and allow it time you mean you didn't go crap about what are my big store. It's good and certainly debate. We'll tell us to start with who this Michael Linux guy is besides the future. Well I think it would fortitude as relievers the fortitude is is set in the in this on our island north of Norway's the northern most habitable. Place on earth were the habit now. And very quiet up yours you can imagine a very divorce Colter because they coal mines. Back in the early nineteen hundreds which brought a lot of people from all over Africa Asia. United States. And the premise of the show is that nothing rots under the ice. Now. Through global warming although it's never mention. This 100000 your old woolly mammoth. News uncovered. Intact complete. And in his guys. Our walks walks. That are also a 100000. O. In this town when nothing happens. No clue who arranges. Occurred yet. Like a pet. But he added that this is that your brain resisting or video gods those Oilers regained. Characters don't even though it. Because there's there's something very by about what sort viva to everything that happens. It in in the show is actually based events and signed in science it could happen. So. It's it's very interest in show. The interaction between the characters I play a guide Michael Lewis XNC. He's a fisherman. RTC there and his wife. Whose love of his life for decades. Is it is dying of the disease Lou Gehrig's disease what we call. And killed nearly you know real she's fantastic. And he's desperate to find a cure for hours. And that's what proposals here plus two kids. Yes you know plot that's the hold this watts that's going on plus these bodies turning up. It's like is it twin peaks. Went to the Arctic in some way it's because there's little are in a really great waited you coming back to you out. It's a slow burn but you get so involved in the show. Suggest for people to go back and look at. Watch season one. You'll have to do you view this season two's history and to itself that season one is that was the introduction. To all. The thing that all actors that are on fortitude to be warned that is dead. People die off on this year's yeah it if they let that you are on track yup you. There I can't get our dad you're out if the designated that we had nobody goes ahead of the LA or they're just not behaving yeah something's gonna have today Dennis. It's like that we're gonna kill you have to do that it's like game with brown you can't go on that island we'll get Michelle fairly what you know that. Yeah Richard drummer who's also. On target them and you know I mentioned that that I mentioned breaking away at the top of the show because of being the first time I saw you in something. And when you do you go back and look at the stuff that you've done actually watch breaking away a couple of months ago really because you won't we had a reunion. The guys and hide. And is really great to get together and that movie is. It's it's a great movie for for a number reasons I think it was. It was nineteen severing so it was. It away but he came out it was the first sort of youth movie of the eighty's you know before the Broward back at all at all. And you know about young people and it. At a such a term to us from your written by the Czech immigrant first generation that it was directed. By Peter Yates and English and then there's this view of of of America. And they had a very unique view of we'll be outside Lou I mean you're. You're the football player and I remember mama like he had in that movie it's like it's it seems like a super self series term to same model. Yeah it's you talking of it is high school in homeland might mean only a twenty year old wannabe start fair. I'm going to be thirty year old mind. Forty year old might yet. Except I'd very difficult thing for Barry what will you twentysomething when usually for. Hey you're doing all that if you could. In your role in life. Go back. A key can when you watch breaking away would you say something to the young you would you give him a kind of heads up on what was. That you listen. Governor at a better than they did hit it. I don't care it's okay. Want to be an actor though you have to you've grown up in Texas. You and your brother won them all being. What you would your family in this world. Well. You my dad was a frustrated actor. And my cousin was Gene Autry. Whose well okay cowboys. Car although I didn't I never met up until the nineties but the all that was there and my dad would. But have us. Watch movies is say watts the factor watch that night and we we. Started you know gravitating towards that Randy went first of course he was and the and he really inspired me because. My brother you went out to LA after getting The Last Picture Show in taxes eaten go away and got the last detail and Kanye still got to be nominated for Academy Award you know I'm. I was in high school time and I remembered. That was well you can actually do us. But for you to make that step from breaking away into this you play I'm look at it. And I can see it because crystal obsessed with movies that's my profession that's what I wanted to do was write about them and you putting a lot of actual people. In your kids are well and you're wardrobe Cooper Hewitt astronaut in the right stuff that wasn't long after right right yet. I did Laura Hoover a plea Doc Holliday. They Gerri leave Lilly and the Eagles. It clean Bill Clinton. Yes I loved her. Kids who what actors played Bill Clinton and Jerry Lee Lewis nobody via. Where the cards were. And in the rookie. Another realtor. Jim Jim Jimmy motivational it was a set into window materially results. Let's say yeah brown fat. It this way he. But you've always been musical. You got they'll have you and you still have that yes still live. Libya for seventeen years at a band in the eighties. Called the clock ticks. Which is basically bond rates and does the new group of ethics and here's we've been to go if any of technical do. But we have a blast of what was done since I was twelve years old was the instrument. A guitar and I play. A play piano keyboards and it. And it helps for Jerry Lee Lewis totally didn't get the things that that was a great education. For me doing. He was woman you know teachers. He didn't know it but it was and attack. Heck. To do it yet but when you looked at your work. If you aren't nearly two and three movies that you thought never got. The tension should have gotten that people would want to look at it now. Well I did a movie called savior and I did that in Serbia. Was about in the Bosnian war and back then and that was a kind of knew that movie was. Not really going to get much attention because. The Bosnian war bet on television so much and nobody won. To see you. You know that. That in my duties in the whole world do. That was I thought that was beaten the world. Who is not good for my fear. Which. From Serbia. And it took just think us. There's one that I think you would just to riff again to called at any price seen foreigner Ronnie Ron ready to around me Veronica. And it I don't think is well within 99 home yeah and who really great director. Film maker Newton Artur Billiton. And then before we started I was talking Cuba far from him. Right which to me he's one of those great performances that you won many awards for. Plane a closeted gay husband and in the latest that he yeah yeah. When you're isn't losing because I did. I did the rookie and I did far from allow say beautiful. What could be further hurt easier for me. Well lots. What are you what are your memories of that one of four far from heaven. Julian Gloria you may be asked now Anwar's. The greatest. Person. To work who. She is so much fun house that so if so. You ought to not the work because you just react to her tooth. Action just lives. She's a great great actress I say the best actress Rhea is. I don't know Dennis we look if you go back over your career having. What is this the fifth decade. Yes it yet this seventies that you're beginning yes so I guess that that's it. And you've survived a lot we've read about you know what you were doing in the eighties that was a tough years. When you suffered from addictions did you basically feel it was over for you or will you just high on the fact. Over in the sense an addiction you know because he could kill. Well. Did nobody thought that until. John Belushi. Really when he died I think that woke a lot of people before then cocaine was some loosely. I remember in People Magazine of doctors say that it was harmless. Not a perfect they did you know there was. Basically. Fifteen Euro fifteen your party that well. Where it was just used him to ask the meetings. And parties and and then that when when John well died. That I think you'll few people. Did you wake me up with the big. It hurt others argue with that better your. Due instruments. But. I just. Is that because it what does it do for you that's what it is a lot of movies about drugs that I don't like. I always say we shouldn't and they sort of neglect. What people actually get that on the white they would do. All they get to stay at march on this what they get do they got that mark job you can argue Rwanda and turns into it it wouldn't. I was I say this about here's they've OK for its at first it's fun and that it's fun with problems. And then just our engine problems. And that's inevitably that's what's going. I had to stop was lucky this sort of white light experience source on myself either dead or losing everything I have five years and so I went down about 28 days in I idea but they told me do. You've had this ability to laugh at the world and yourself. You can do it I remember it was one of the most Larry's thing I've ever seen it was on Funny or Die we you have the melting. And RO couple of days everybody believed that was you crack and yet. You've heard the brass hat like total I'll get emotional meltdown yet and you just. Yet. I want those on sentinel and yet that was for real and yet that did have a funny your guide the ultimate sacrifice five skits that do I wanted to do this because I thought it was well it's either going to be really good or Cisco fallen space. So we get it and we put it out there and I heard him. People brought their they've gone around the bend a couple of days and then. Police but what. I think that we want to believe things that what. People want to imagine somebody who's successful basically just losing how we all. Earlier that I thought I was badly. Telling Adam you know I watched it the way out of it isn't because it was. It was late. At how to do did it directed and directed at PNC. Because of their of the first ones to pick up and just use blog. Go especially all the haters in the comments while. And when it first came out it was like let's well he's back on the drugs well he this patent the exit. And two days later of course. I'm the genius that's never mind so. It is that. Just. Sure it's good so just makes me laugh because he just can't he can't take immediate seriously. Our first time you've been on the show fails you know what I its boat you can Obama would not as the parade. It is good it's good people should have their even when they'd been what they had. But now that your math for popcorn the thing is that we and the show is in a little song and a bit of some. But just give me so I mean you know you've had you've written. Our own house I'll sing your song I wrote about my dog got us. He was a little York T. But like that. I'd made him into a superhero. A lot mighty mouse that you love your dog that dog's purpose thing happened nothing happens and how they don't have a I wanna hear that you state that. Nothing happened that oh darker view is that total scam Stan. Frenzy now we evolves we hear the song you heard. Got beaten. Like right in our poll go without a Croat. Low. And most obvious Yugoslavia Yugoslavia. If we needed that pop to adopt our Ireland. Most obviate both Bobby did with Bob years. He is quick on news V and his Archer's spinning. His friends than enemies of rear view may be small I'm not quite he spent call log on all he's lucky roll. With evolving and third. He who were. See the movie of his life being. Bet that got your that is what. Beautifully done thank you very much there was no real rock and roll in it but you know that's our opener it there are probably early with a bat that was it. And not at perfect. Credit not a great America. What Howard endured.

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{"id":46890424,"title":"Dennis Quaid talks his new series 'Fortitude' and looks back on his long career ","duration":"18:19","description":"Quaid appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new Amazon Studio's series \"Fortitude.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dennis-quaid-talks-series-fortitude-back-long-career-46890424","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}