New Details on Deadly Las Vegas Strip Crash

2:20 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details on Deadly Las Vegas Strip Crash
about that horrifying scene on the Las Vegas strip. And the woman who intentionally drove into crowds of tourists killing a young mother and injuring dozens more. ABC's kayna Whitworth is live at the scene for us. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Lara, good morning to you. We're learning this morning that the woman behind the wheel shouldn't have been driving at all. Her license had been recently suspended. This morning, police saying 24-year-old Lakeisha Holloway is on suicide watch after allegedly plowing through nearly 40 people killing a mother of three on the busy Las Vegas strip, all while her own 3-year-old daughter was in the car. It looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. She had both of her hands on the wheel and was looking straightforward. Reporter: The police report stating Holloway described a stressful period of time where she was trying to rest and sleep inside her vehicle with her daughter. But kept getting run off by security. Overnight, her cousin saying Holloway would never do something like this on purpose. None of it made any sense, just didn't add up to who she is. She love her family. She loved her daughter. She loved god. This was just traumatic for everybody. Reporter: Once a resident for Oregon working for the forest service for a program designed to help at risk youth she was touted as a case study even receiving a role model award in 2012 speaking about her experience. I beat the odds and was the first in my immediate family to graduate high school. Reporter: Poic putting out the statement it's hard to believe la'keshia did this. She was such a great kid while she was part of our program. Holloway was emotionless when she was arrested Sunday night. Her daughter, now in protective custody while police search for her father. Holloway's deadly ride ending in this casino parking lot. She left the scene and left her toddler within the vehicle and contacted a valet parker and advised that she had ran over some individuals and requested the valet parker to call 911. Reporter: There are reports this morning that she changed her name in the last couple of months, now she changed are it to Paris paradise Morton and, George and Lara, you may remember investigators initially said they had a hard time learning about her past and that might be part of the reason why. All right, kayna, thank you so much. Just does not add up. So much promise before.

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