New Details on OJ Simpson's Life in Prison

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:51 | 09/16/16

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Transcript for New Details on OJ Simpson's Life in Prison
I'm have the big mortar team of insider standing by live to weigh in on today's top stories we're here again rebel from ESPN your stories coming right up over to start out. With a new report about OJ Simpson's life behind bars the LA times there's revealing new details what's really like for OJ inside Nevada's and that his love life correctional center. Let's talk to legal analysts will be remark about all of that in the inner and a -- they they really have been able to dig up some some real detail here. Did George what we're learn about OJ Simpson's time in prison is that in some ways it's pretty Monday. He gets up for the morning he has reckless then he's off to a job. He works in the prisons gymnasium where he's wiping. Gym equipment he sweeping and he's mopping and after his job he's back in his cell spending lots of time. From what we're learning reading. And trying to get ready for his parole hearing. But you have to juxtapose that Monday in existence with his celebrity status apparently he's still getting lots of fan mail. And he's serving as a commissioner. All of our prison baseball league so you have to guys who's doing some free Monday things but he's leveraging. That's celebrities that commissioner of baseball league that's not Monday. That he you talked about parole hearing any idea when he could be walking the streets again and what he'll face in the general public. So what we know Amy is that in October of next year he goes before the Parole Board again we're learning that he has a pretty good prison record he's. Stayed away from conflicts and he won't be able to prevent back. To the Parole Board however if C is successful. He has a huge financial. Issue that he will face once he's released and that's that 33 million our civil judgment that was obtained by the Goldman family in their civil lawsuit against him. We know that the goldmans are really insist want collecting on that judgment. So once out of prison still financial burdens and re integrating himself into the community. All right arena thanks so much that oh America's famous crime Stanley dean Gotti is back in the spotlight federal agents raiding the Long Island mansion. A Victoria Gotti the daughter of late mafia Don John Gotti former NYPD detective at need to sell joins us now in nick. Her ex husband Carmine the bull Agnelli low. Is awaiting trial on racketeering charges is the rain connected to that what's going on here. Well the IRS agents are all looking my sources tell me to erode business record. And evidence that will support their case and they getting this from good sources on the inside. Call my name bella did die he is in for that he was Victoria's. Warmer or raw husband and jogged got inside and look what's happened is that he is former. Auto body shop in Queens was raided a wall would Victoria's house have a Long Island. But he did no idea is in prison in Cleveland he went out there I guess after transfer from the ball good wasn't the only place that we've taken. And he's now running some operations they act and they're accusing your war also of pouring C a didn't do what body. Body parts of cars and felt that it jumped out era giant John Gotti John Gotti had some Jews but this is the Goudie family now is still force. New York went up. Note lateral Georgian and really look they came into power on the gun when when John Gotti took out what we Cazalot. But even among law enforcement they always knew that they weren't royalty to the mall if fact that musical about how would be killed that we. You know you just picture of if you don't pull Leone ever sat down at the table and says look I want my people sell prescription. Medicine at a discount that want the publicity and into auto parts that we're gonna sell the junk yard I think this is fall. From racketeering it's too big gangster and look even when it comes to junior. He ways that won't let you whether. In Hollywood trying to sell his father is story and John Travolta's going to be playing John Gotti and and you know what. Insiders tell me get this that they may judge a bolder and more frequent reviews as far as fighting it. I'm sure that's right nick okay thanks very much and are gonna Vonage what is movie could change when you watch sports. Overnight they did neither NFL live streaming feature the New York Jets take on Buffalo Bills bills for some ten Thursday night games let's talk ESPN's. Daryn rebel about this. Right now we all know the Twitter has been struggling in some ways we NFL save it. Well listen people were so surprised that. Think by the quality of the stream. They that is that it look like TV. There was only fifteen to twenty really easy to get secondly easy to get to you didn't have to authenticate which is typing your cable provider. And this is much needed at least for Twitter in terms of positive eighty because they're being compared to FaceBook and snap Chad to they have enough monthly active users Wall Street's been killing them. This establishes them more as a media company than being social. And yet this is good for that now one thing is they pay ten million dollars for this now for ten games. The real market value for this is around a 150 millions they got a real deal here. If this turns out to be great. Kind of doubles thing here because they're now Bennett probably end up paying off real market value. And several networks obviously air NFL games including ESPN and Forbes called this the biggest change agent to sports viewing how do you think this is an impact how we watch sports. I think it's gonna and it listen I worked for ESPN there's watching ESP Enders. Hours and hours of digital lives viewing. I think the key here is what I just talked about that word authentication with people that that type in their peoples of this subscribers Illinois each one was the apple cup is. His wife was. You know Mike Campbell right is what is bypass hybrid applied not do that you know your table passport I don't either I'm calling my husband you know market. That's where and that one step so this is this all going to. Kind of give fracture to those who put out digital but Miki type in that password which you think might take hours or figure Azores never correct but can't find. OK before you all go let's go back to John Gotti for a second nick you were talking John Travolta playing John guided I don't know above all the movies or television shows who is your favorite. Boss until. It has to be I mean anybody could right along that says. Lead the gun take you can only god fogged one. Or even. Godfather one Michael Corleone they wish you are. Seattle and about I would Donnie Brasco well that's good you know they ended an actual dog but like Donnie Brasco and it couldn't just be answered got attention but according to the chino and godfather three I loved the stage for -- either way. They get right Daryn Macon area about.

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{"id":42133097,"title":"New Details on OJ Simpson's Life in Prison","duration":"6:51","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/details-oj-simpsons-life-prison-42133097","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}