How to develop a safe workout routine this year

Celebrity trainers Heidi and Chris Powell demonstrate the most common mistakes that lead to injuries and how to prevent them, as millions flock to the gyms and health clubs to honor their New Year's resolutions.
4:15 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for How to develop a safe workout routine this year
way. Here is Chris and Heidi Powell. Millions of Americans, you guys know, are hitting the gym as part of their new year's rests but "The Washington post" is warning newcomers, injuries are happening so to help you avoid getting hurt Chris and Heidi have important tips. I loved this segment because it does happen all the time right here. It does, absolutely and all starts right here on the treadmill. The most common piece of equipment in the gym and see it happen all too often. They do too much have son so results in all kinds of inflammatory issues like plantar fasciitis in the feet and bursitis in the hips. Once you get these they don't go away easily. It takes a long time. Yeah, absolutely. But even above and beyond chronic issues, the number one thing we see as far as injuries on the treadmill is falling. This is a big, powerful machine and you got to respect it. If you don't know what you're doing you have to ease into it. Gabby is on the treadmill. Let's talk about what she's getting wrong and right. The first thing she is doing wrong is she's not paying attention. We always say do not text on the treadmill because that belt you have to run on is two feet wide. All it takes is a half inch of a misstep for her to be thrown into the wall, weight, whatever behind her so important she pays attention to what she's doing. Also, every treadmill has a safety strap. People don't even realize this is there. You must attach the safety strap to your clothing and then if you do, in fact, suffer a fall, the entire machine will shut down completely and your injury will be reduced, yeah. Yes! I don't put it on. You're right. So simple. So important and talking about the itises that Chris was talking about before, long-term injuries to prevent it. We want to make sure we start with five minute, maybe ten minutes a day. We don't need to jump in full bore and do an hour a day. Nice running outside. It is. Great. So we'll move on to the bike. Lots of different kinds of bikes out there. Recumbent like this. The classic, the spin bikes. Lots of injuries happen on bikes as well. There are so this is the recumbent bike, obviously and the biggest injury is going to be a knee injury followed by lower back, neck injury from looking up too much and when you're on an upright spin bike there is a lot of wrist injuries from too much pressure put in the upper body not enough put in the lower body. Okay, all right. So let's talk about it. There's a lot of wrong happening with Courtney. He knows what he's doing so the first thing, here's what lime looking at severe bend in the knee which means he's overusing his quad and prime candidate for patellar tendinitis. In order to prevent it he is is going to adjust the seat all the way back. When that knee is fully extends we're looking at a one-inch bend in the knee, very important here. Sounds good. They other tips. Whether on a recumbent on spin bike when setting that saddle height make sure your handlebars are at the same height. If you're pregnant or have lower back issues raise them up a little bit. There we go. There we go. A lot of room for error. A lot of potential for injury. We have one minute left. Number one injuries when it comes to weight lift something shoulders, elbow, knees and lower back. Lots of tendon and ligament tears because people are doing all this the wrong way. They're swinging those weights around. Absolutely. A lot of wrong so especially the way that she's thrusting the weight up is the number one no-no with free weights. That means the weight is too heavy for her. She's going to want to make sure her core is engaged. Her body is stabilized and getting the full range of motion. If she can't perform ten reps at a time. Go lighter, right. Go lighter. Yes. Absolutely. Come on. Let's see some clean reps. I work out twice a week after the show and we're always told to roll so you don't have an arch in your back. Activate the core. Activating the core and is this looking good. What do you think? I think it looks great. All right. From Chris and Heidi, you got to check it out.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Celebrity trainers Heidi and Chris Powell demonstrate the most common mistakes that lead to injuries and how to prevent them, as millions flock to the gyms and health clubs to honor their New Year's resolutions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52105396","title":"How to develop a safe workout routine this year","url":"/GMA/video/develop-safe-workout-routine-year-52105396"}