Digital Invites Could Save You When Wedding Planning

Bride-to-be Sara Haines shares tips for saving money when planning your big day.
3:01 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Digital Invites Could Save You When Wedding Planning
This is, too. It's time for "Gma" bride-to-be on a budget series. Sara Haines is here to show us how she's pinching pennies but not skimping on style when it comes to her own big day. I heard that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. But it can be an expensive journey. When max popped the question, I saw the dollar signs. I may have won the lottery finding him. But weddings are pricey. We're doing a destination wedding. So, just getting there will cost us. We had to find ways to save. So, let the budget busting begin. First things first, we needed a wedding planner. And on our budget, that planner would be me. Invitation and postage add up fast. So, save some dough by going digital. If you want the invite, size matter. Choosing an odd ship, even a square, rather than a rectangle envelope, will cost you an extra 20 cents per invite. Plus, it's harder to address and a tad harder to send. ♪ so, go digital. And for 100 guests save $1,000 on paper save the dates and invites. Bands and deejays rock. A cheaper option, customize your own playlist. We'll get the music we want, while saving some serious cash, if we can agree on the music we want. Use an iPod. Save $5,000 on the deejay. My bridesmaids are going to shop from their own closet. All I ask is a solid color and no patterns, including animal print. This is my favorite. What do you think? Good? Yeah? Reporter: But if that's not your thing, have your bridesmaids rent the dress. Save $450 a person. Next up, the honeymoon. Ay caramba. Stay tuned. That's a good man. Isn't he cute? One tip I got from my friend, when you say wedding is the price jacked up. Ditch the wedding cake and go with desserts. Everybody will like something. And the price isn't pumped up. Do you feel as a bride you would get that special moment? And which would you cut? I have a sweet tooth. You can feed me anything called dessert. We got tips from fans. We got one that said, make your own bouquet. The second you go to the florist and say it's a wedding, the price goes up. It's a nice way to individualize your wedding. Coming up, more money-saving wedding planning tips at our website, on Yahoo! Coming up, emeril Lagasse is taking your questions.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Bride-to-be Sara Haines shares tips for saving money when planning your big day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23344205","title":"Digital Invites Could Save You When Wedding Planning","url":"/GMA/video/digital-invites-save-wedding-planning-23344205"}