DirecTV Taking Fire After Swimsuit Ad

The sexy makeover campaign was meant to be funny, but is now backfiring.
2:57 | 02/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DirecTV Taking Fire After Swimsuit Ad
Next up in "Heat index," DirecTV taking fire for an ad featuring "Sports illustrated" swimsuit models. Their new campaign about sexy makeovers was meant to be funny but it's backfiring in a big way. Mara schiavocampo here with the story. Hey, Mara. Reporter: George, good morning. Not everyone is sold on these new ads, some calling them everything from sexist to demeanor but DirecTV is standing by them and so is one of the models. Hi, I'm rob Lowe. Reporter: This morning, DirecTV famous for those ads with two versions of rob Lowe, the geeky and the gorgeous. Under fire for what some are calling their most controversial ads yet. The satellite provider's latest ad campaign featuring "Sports illustrated" models Chrissy Teigen, Nina agdal and Hannah Davis dressed in ways we've never seen them before. As an obsessed cat lady. A cigarette-smoking lunch lady and big-haired mom who all have cable. Juxtaposing them against images of the bombtheys baring their bikini bodies. So scantily clad we can't show them to you in their original form. The ads suggesting that the so-called upgraded versions of the women all came with an upgrade from cable to DirecTV. Some now saying the ads are sending the wrong message. One commenter posting online "This is shameful. We equate the shallow job of displaying one's body with success meaning we put down women with real lives and real jobs." Another saying, "Once again, advertising fails women." People will look at that and think that's not okay. We can't demean the working class. Reporter: Others calling out reverse sexism on line one writing "So it's fine when rob Lowe as the hunky piece of man meat but when it's the ladies in the same scenario it's not okay?" The ads can be seen as a double standard, absolutely. Reporter: Dr DirecTV standing by their ads. Reporter: The intention of the ads was to show a fun, tongue-in cheek example." They have nothing to do with DirecTV. They're Gilling us into not getting it. These guys are hot and look phenomenal. If they don't get DirecTV, they look pretty awful. Reporter: Cover model Chrissy Teigen telling us she sees no harm in her megahaired makeunder and makeover. Wide fun. We had a good time. We didn't mean to be demeaning or degrading or hurt anybody's feelings. It's a funny ad. It's supposed to be funny. Take it are for what it is. Reporter: Teigen said they were just playing characters but experts say images like these not only affect girls' body image and career aspirations. You're poking fun at hard-working people. Good point. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The sexy makeover campaign was meant to be funny, but is now backfiring. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28885489","title":"DirecTV Taking Fire After Swimsuit Ad","url":"/GMA/video/directv-taking-fire-swimsuit-ad-28885489"}