Dirty Little Secrets of Beauty: No Shampoo for 7 Days

ABC's Becky Worley gets to the root of the "no-poo" movement.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Dirty Little Secrets of Beauty: No Shampoo for 7 Days
One thing you can do to relax is not wash your hair. Sure. Maybe not. This week we're revealing dirty little secrets of beauty to help you look your best. This morning we're talking about women who have stopped shampooing their hair for various reasons and ABC's Becky Worley, girl, you've done it again. You got to the root of this surprising new trend. Hello, Becky. Good morning. The root of this. We've been asking people on Twitter how long can you go between shampoos before your hair turns into a greasy mess. Some people say two days tops. Other people with wavy curly hair, african-american viewers say a week, no problem. Some people go years, but me with this stringy mop, seven day, no shampoo. Yikes. ? shampooing, you do it every day, every other day, maybe you can go a week between suds but after that, it gets kind of naturgnarly and some are laying off the lather forever. A lot of people have gotten concerned about some of the ingredients in traditional shampoos, the preservatives, the parabins. Reporter: But it's the desire to avoid chemicals in shampoo to save money or just have healthier hair, the no-poo movement is gaining momentum. When you don't shampoo you go through that initial phase where you produce a lot of extra oil and then it slows down around 30 days. Reporter: This woman who surprised the experts has gone five years. No redness, no sign of irritation. I think it's kind of something I might even want to try. Reporter: I do love a good shampoo but my assignment, go a week without washing and see what happens. Day one, washed my hair this morning feeling pretty good. But I am a little nervous. This is right around the time when I would get my hair did and these roots, they could end up looking kind of oily by the end of the week. Okay, day two, I rinsed it when I took a shower then I blow dried it. I think it looks okay but it feels kind of heavy and oily. As the week goes on, the hair gets heavier, the roots earlier, darker. I mean I'm running, I'm playing in the pool with the kids. I am rising and blowing it dry. This is day five. It's stringy and the top fees kind of like a waxy helmet. On top of that it smells like mushrooms. I enlist the help of my 6-year-old to corroborate this mushroom odor. Is that Normal? Yeah. After seven days of no shampoo, what's the objective opinion? Well, I'll let you be the judge for yourself. Now, some women say they stopped washing because of the chemicals so we reached out for them to respond. They didn't get back to us with comment but you are the final arbiters. Do not hold back. What do you think? I mean it is a little greasy on the top. But as it goes -- It doesn't look bad on the bottom. I have heard it's much better -- hairstylists say if you can lay off it does make it healthier. Give it a rest to have your own oils. What do you do if you want to try this? If you want to do the no shampoo, I mean, I can't. Okay, you could, you could -- what you could do, first of awe, rinsing, I rinsed it every day with hot water. You could use water and baking soda, apple cidier vinegar or D D deva's no-poo shampoo. I'm getting my hair washed.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Becky Worley gets to the root of the \"no-poo\" movement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23156593","title":"Dirty Little Secrets of Beauty: No Shampoo for 7 Days","url":"/GMA/video/dirty-secrets-beauty-shampoo-days-23156593"}