DIY 101: How to Make a Modern Bookshelf

Jennie Garth's step-by-step instructions for making a colorful, practical bookshelf.
2:57 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for DIY 101: How to Make a Modern Bookshelf
After I got my of my house I realized I don't have enough furniture to fill it. So I let parents are shopping and I a lot of shelves with a lot of very high price tags. And I thought to myself I do that. Cell highway next to a lumber shop. And I picked out some beautiful what. And stamina show you how to make their round tripper clean. Modern book shelf it's so easy fighting. You can do it. Went highlights I got this. Standard Fries pizza what I wanted something that live and at least one inch thick for myself. So I asked the guys at how to restore it to cut its twelve inch panels because I want it to be my shelves B twelve inches deep. I started with 412 inch panels and from that I needed my risers so when I'm and I just to be. About sixteen inches and until Friday and it I'd sat it's market at fifteen inches. I mean my cat fights a battle. He and it's time to start building for bookshelves felt the heat two things to stick together I think it's great it's live on and beat it would open. In your scene and then I think it's very important that we drill treat trails her sister's battle making a lot. Congress here you can see it once I'm telling you that another. Team right there and Hackett right on top of that movement. And back with Philip mixture it's looking like you why I don't mean it. Phoenix the average up to thank you that everything and now it's time to get the pats heads. Any kind of standing paper scissors and blocked you can. Stand it all up so that you know that. Nothing against you and your hands on it. I just and to hang myself but this actually be really pity if Spain has all these beautiful not sin and wood tones in it. If you want to do that. Can point to failure through halls with some would Cuddy standards down give it a retaining. But it hand looking part of it. You want to do primer a primer that's going to block all those not in the went from coming through pain so. Definitely try. And here it is painting and beautiful the fun part is. Decorating. He's here to check out of step by step guy on the web site. I'll have to check allotments the Jennie Garth project on Thursdays at 6 PM on its PTV.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Jennie Garth's step-by-step instructions for making a colorful, practical bookshelf.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26391381","title":"DIY 101: How to Make a Modern Bookshelf","url":"/GMA/video/diy-101-make-modern-bookshelf-26391381"}