Little Girl Discusses Being Bit By Dolphin at SeaWorld

Jillian Thomas and her family discuss the moment when a dolphin jumped up and bit her.
4:54 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Little Girl Discusses Being Bit By Dolphin at SeaWorld
Test Text1 plain STUNNING MOMENT CAUGHT ON Camera. Little jillian feeding the dolphins at sea world when one suddenly leaps out of the water and bites her. We're going to talk to jillian and her parents in an abc news exclusive in just a moment. But first, let's take a look at what happened. Reporter:8-year-old jillian thomas said it was her dream to one day become a dolphin trainer. Re you go! Reporter: But a recent visit to sea wo dolph fin cove exhibit may change her mind. Mom, I'm out of fish. Oh! Reporter: Watch again as jillian holds a paper tray and holds it away from the pool. Something sea world warns guests not to do. The dolphin leaping at her hand, leaving behind puncture wounds. They do feel sea world downplayed the entire incident. In a statement to abc news, sea world says, educators and animal care staff are always onsite at this area. They were at the attraction when this happened and immediately connected with the family. Our guests are given clear instructions on how to feed the dolphins in an appropriate and safe way. And we're joined by jillian thomas and her mother and her father, amy and jamie and little brother james. Good morning. Thanks for all of you being here this morning. Jillian, I know you love dolphins. You were so excited to go to this exhibit, right? Yes. Why do you love them so much? Because I know about them a lot. And I just wanted to train them so then I could probably know more about them. In fact, this was the second time, the day that you got bitten, was the second time you'd been to that exhibit to see the dolphins, you were so excited, right? Yeah. What happened? You had just got finished feeding them. What did you do? There was this little carton. I had just finished it off. I pulled it up. When the dolphin saw that, it leaped at me and bit me and ate the carton. What did that feel like? It really, really hurt. And I'm 13450ur it was a scary moment, right? Yeah. Jamie, you were videotaping this whole thing, and you actually thought you might have to jump in the water for a second? Yeah, there was instant fear, and I thought, wow, I may have to lunge at or pull dolphin or pull her or get physically involved. Amy, you had read the signs that clearly did warn you not to lift up the carton, right? We were given instructions. I don't remember seeing signs. There may very well have been. But they did go into detail about the rules. And he did just fine the first time. I think the second time, she was excited. Plus, she was trying to clean up. So she wasn't waving it over. Even though that was still against the rules, you might hear on the video, I'm don or out of fish. She just forgot. It was a simple mistake, unfortunately, she got bit. How did employees of sea world react when this happened? They first didn't realize she was hurt and asked if we wanted to have a positive experience with the dolphins. You see everybody around jillian sort of react in horror when the dolphin jumps out of the water? Yeah, I think the girl that helped us was behind and may have understood the severity of it is my guess. My response is, they looked at her hand, which you can still see that her skin was broken. And then she offered to get first aid. Okay. So you got bit right here and here? Yeah. Around her thumb there. Okay. They asked if we wanted first aid, I said, she's bleeding, okay. Yes, we want first aid. You were actually worried, jillian, that something bad might happen to the dolphin? Yes. What were you afraid of? I was afraid that the dolphin might get sick because of the paper. Did it eat the paper carton that you were holding? I am very sure. Yeah. Your mother said you were actually praying that the dolphin was okay. Two nights she prayed for the dolphin. No hard feelings for the dolphin? Yeah, she was aware, you know, she had broken the rule. So we just realized this. We knew this was the first time it happened once we did some research. Basically, you just feel that kids shouldn't be in an exhibit like this? You watch the video, it seems like it's a pretty innocent move that jillian makes at the end? We recognize we were instructed that way. Kids maybe just don't understand the risks as much as an adult would. Jillian, we're happy that you're okay, we're so glad you still like dolphins. Especially shimmer and strawberry that you brought in the studio this morning. Thank you so much. James, hey, merry christmas both of you guys. I hope santa is good to you this year.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Jillian Thomas and her family discuss the moment when a dolphin jumped up and bit her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17866511","title":"Little Girl Discusses Being Bit By Dolphin at SeaWorld","url":"/GMA/video/dolphin-bites-girl-seaworld-caught-tape-jillian-thomas-17866511"}