Donna Karan apologizes for defending Weinstein

The fashion designer told ABC News the comments she made in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal that suggested women were "asking for it" by how they dressed were a "huge mistake."
4:37 | 10/30/17

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Transcript for Donna Karan apologizes for defending Weinstein
You know, many were shocked to hear fashion designer Donna Karan's comments concerning the allegations against Weinstein when they first were reported. She's now apologizing and addressing the criticism she faced for suggesting women who dress provocatively might be, quote, asking for trouble. She sat down with me over the weekend. First I wanted to say how sorry I am. You know, what I said is so wrong and not who I am. Reporter: Fashion designer Donna Karan apologetic for what many consider shocking and insensitive remarks she made during a red carpet event in the immediate aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein firestorm. When you said how do we display ourselves. How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and sexuality? What did you mean by those comments at that time? That's the problem. I made a huge, huge mistake. When you say something about what they're asking by just presenting themselves the way they do, what are they asking for trouble? Under what circumstances could a woman be asking for trouble? I love women. I absolutely adore women. I care about them. I'm a mother, I'm a grandmother. You know, and I've never done this before and I will never ever do it again. What were the circumstances at the time that would lead you to make those comments? I was exhausted. I had just come from a 14-hour plane trip. You know, I walked into a situation that I wasn't prepared for in any circumstances whatsoever. Even though that you were very tired, some people would say for it to even be anywhere in your mind to think that much less say that. Who is that woman? That's not the woman we know. Yeah. That's not me. That is not me. What Harvey did, what any man does is completely, completely unacceptable. Did you realize the extent of these accusations against him? I heard a whisper but there were whispers all over. I mean, it's truly just a whisper. It wasn't till a day and a half after that I truly heard about it. That's my honest truth. I didn't know. You do not believe that these women bear any responsibility for these allegations. It is against -- it is against women's rights. I want women to feel like women and have that right. There will be some people who will say no more, they're not going to wear Donna Karan anymore and that your business and your brand is taking a beating because of this. How do you get across to people that that's not the reason why you're apologizing because you want to save your brand? It's not about my brand. The reason I started urban zen was because I did not want to just be a designer. It was about dressing and addressing the issues at hand in health care and education, in culture, youknow, I want to bring us all together as a team to face the world that we're faced with today. And Donna's memoir and something we discussed over the weekend was an incident she says happened when she was young and in a dentist's chair and called it her me too moment and that made what she said on the red carpet even more startling having experienced it herself. Hard to believe it's only been three weeks since this broke yet the me too move many has been around for ten years. The activity who started it because of the underserved women, minority women who were being raped and making these allegations and nobody was saying anything and now -- but it's good that she is being recognized too for starting the me too movement and working with others. This does feel different now. It's gotten bigger and I think it's going to get even bigger. Yeah. And tiran, who I'm talking about -- You're skeptical. I think we will start to see men pay the price for their actions. Other men will be encouraged to speak up or not go down that path because we're seeing someone like Harvey Weinstein's life completely destroyed because of -- No, he's not the only one and not the only profession. It's not just Hollywood we're seeing it across the board but it's going to take men and women. It's not just a women's issue. No, it's not. Far from over. We're talking about it.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The fashion designer told ABC News the comments she made in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal that suggested women were \"asking for it\" by how they dressed were a \"huge mistake.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50806610","title":"Donna Karan apologizes for defending Weinstein","url":"/GMA/video/donna-karan-apologizes-defending-weinstein-50806610"}