Dressed for Success? Tips for Your Job Interview Style

Katie and guest Daisy Lewellyn give tips on how to dress for an interview.
4:53 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dressed for Success? Tips for Your Job Interview Style
How to land the job of your dreams even if you already have a job -- -- -- job seekers that call Aaron ballot. And -- new career coach Nicole Williams well we just learned how to make the right first impression on your -- that may. But once -- gets you -- the door could your look be holding you back here to tell us his style expert and author of never pay retail again. You're speaking to -- They get -- Alan welcome faith and executives or managers judge brown -- the -- which -- couldn't believe and six seconds so how long did it take for them. To judge your appearance and your luck. You won't believe it's actually two point kings back and theory is -- AKA immediately. If you actually a walking -- that -- the when you walk in there already -- -- lap. And -- -- but it's not about your clothing it's about. How did -- make decisions that you just roll and that is she going to be in on Philip Parker does she really -- divisions. And think about what she's wearing this is such an important thing for people to -- so. We're gonna play a little gain -- call -- And that's right OK our first model is rampant and -- come -- here. That can't. And you. -- -- Audience -- All right there you go RA what is -- -- -- what is the Hampton doing -- -- person on the -- what it. In what did you think I think could top this a little bit -- not see the buttons buckling race fan also. She should have a blaze on all right Jack give us something had a IB -- a lot of and -- arm. And then you put put some the united because she is yeah I mean I love them but I would never ever ever and I -- in a creative field I'd build anywhere else because she's born in India. OK ladies. She gets involved -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- There is up let's bring up our next model who is Donna and can -- -- -- The hearing. Okay. All right Sarah -- Some what did you think was -- Where the flaws in the south and Sarah holding hearings they're still little -- like everybody in the audience bed and her bags -- allowed for an auditor. Yeah. I'm a little bit worried about the -- ever speaker Fabian call -- -- well I got out of there and you're absolutely right when it comes at the -- a lot of women we love chandelier earrings but again if the length and just idea that it's sparkling and shine it's not really appropriate for the end of the and I can't eat -- exactly and they currency whenever your fact that he -- -- -- after five. And then we didn't really have an issue with the -- because about two -- above the -- with hosiery is fine. But again the bag it's just way too -- it's an everyday bag and your employer is also looking at how -- -- decisions it's like. When this is my bag I carry every day take it or leave it you don't want that kind of attitude with -- -- And then -- believe that you didn't miss it is. And then. Jewelry found you're writing and you're talking in your handing your -- -- -- your thinking at symphony and your mangled I'm making a lot and no way right and I have to say that is. -- -- -- -- -- Donna thank you very much. All right we have our last month. Tying an all time battling comes -- What did you think was -- with V outlet. -- apologize your placement. On the -- I thought I mean you were a little too long and then -- hair and -- got. A little more fat and then the back I thought was too loud as well. The back nine yeah OK so ladies -- -- One half of -- me. You are absolutely right they hair is what we call bad head itself it's a little good. Not so -- it's okay we're here down to an interview but to want to mention that it's a lot -- And this smoky outside it's a big tray and -- her -- in bracket all of the time. But the Kardashian are going to your -- the now he wants it does have a very neutral I something easy and just an easy glossy -- like she had. Also she got the -- -- now bright red and gotten. Rihanna can do it but you can't do it on the -- -- -- -- -- Jennifer take your act. -- -- -- --

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{"id":20863756,"title":"Dressed for Success? Tips for Your Job Interview Style","duration":"4:53","description":"Katie and guest Daisy Lewellyn give tips on how to dress for an interview. ","url":"/GMA/video/dressed-success-tips-job-interview-style-20863756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}