'Duck Dynasty' Star on Childhood Without Running Water, Power

Phil Robertson discusses his humble beginnings from his new book, "Happy, Happy, Happy."
6:24 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Star on Childhood Without Running Water, Power
we are lords of the wilderness. Reporter: And much else these days. The self-proclaimed rednecks of "duck dynasty" are ever.Here even atop the ratings charts. Over 9.6 million people tuned in to the season three finale making it the most watched show on tv. Networks included. And if somehow you don't know them yet meet the robertson family. I'm the ceo of the business. Willie. Jase. Keeps the blood flowing. Jep. All of my stories they're 95% truthful. Reporter: Uncle si. Happy, happy, happy. Reporter: And patriarch phil. To spend time with these cam mow clad duck call makers I had to undergo a makeunder. You need to be red ne necktified. How do you do that? Matt, I forgot, one thing. Good enough. These folks aren't just celebrities, they are praised. Photographed. See the genius of it, they really don't have to do box. Just curious. Kind of like "seinfeld" in a way. It's about nothing. Just watching you talk to each other. Every time I knew it -- it's about nothing. Reporter: It all started with phil who created a business based on a duck call that was so good that when used. They'll be flying away, lock their wings and come back. Reporter: But it's much harder than it looks. Perhaps even more entertaining, countryoracle, uncle si and his tall tales. I play hard and I nap hard. I very seldom work hard. Reporter: Then it was time for a robertson, hmm, cooking lesson. We have the little kasay, breakfast of champions. Reporter: We'll spare you the rest of the details, the eating included. Next up a little target spra at jep's house. That's my water. You don't need water. It isn't duck season so a few flying water bottles will have to do. Oh. Nice. Ah, that ain't bad, two out of three. Reporter: "Good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, red necktified in monroe, louisiana. Oh, isn't it beautiful? We're being serenaded here in times square because the head of the "duck dynasty" clan and the author of the new book "happy, happy, happy" phil robertson is with us. Duck commander in the house. it's not just the title of your book, it's also your mantra, happy, happy, happy. Tell us what it means to you. Happy, happy, happy is kind of a reference to thomas jefferson, all men are created equal, they've been endowed with certain inalienable rights among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, lara, therefore, chasing ducks and everything that's involved in that, if you're not careful you'll end up on television, you know. You said it's rough. Can you believe this? Are you still sort of in shock over the whole thing? I'm thinking, let's see now, rednecks shooting ducks. Are you sure that will work and a&e. Says ozzy osbourne made it. I'm like, there's hope for us all. I love this. In your book you say "here's what matters in life, faith, family, ducks, in that order." The fear of god and all your grandkids, your children, your great grandkids all gathered around table o tand give thanks to god. You're really honest about your upbringing in the book and grew up with no electricity, no running water and look at you today, phil. Mul multimillionaire, a business that you love, the hottest show. And I willdd -- yeah, and i will add with no government assistance. With no -- we did build it so we got it going and filmed ourself shooting ducks and someone said how did you start that? I rented the cameras and I said you know how to run the camera. They said, no, but we'll learn how and put them in deer stands, elevated platforms and that's how we started doing it. Tell me a little about life before the fame. With no electricity -- I was in sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, lara and the reason I repented is because i needed to repent. You see what I'm saying? Yep. So I turned from my wicked ways, I embraced jesus of gall galilee. How many years, five decades. That woman, we've been running together since we were in the ninth grade, and I'm going to keep her. Oh, good. Number one -- I think it's a good decision. Number one, it's a lot cheaper to keep them. The almighty said keep them so I'm doing that. Can I show everybody what you brought. A slew of duck lessons. Are you a duck calling lady. This is my mallard. Lara, I just must tell you, you're a lot better looking than you are a duck caller. You know what I'm saying. Look at -- ten, ten, ten, ten. Ten, ten, ten, ten. Now, watch. you're going, oh, oh, oh. I'm going -- phil, that's why you're the commander. everybody, the name of the book "happy, happy, happy" is in stores now. So great to be with you. Please come back. What a pleasure. The commander in the house and you can see more of "duck dynasty" tonight on "nightline" and then things you don't know about "duck dynasty." Head to our website, ym.Com on yahoo!. Coming up, sam champion and a

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{"id":19124503,"title":"'Duck Dynasty' Star on Childhood Without Running Water, Power","duration":"6:24","description":"Phil Robertson discusses his humble beginnings from his new book, \"Happy, Happy, Happy.\"","url":"/GMA/video/duck-dynasty-phil-robertson-interview-star-discusses-book-19124503","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}