Go Behind the Scenes of 'Duck Dynasty' With Uncle Si

The star of A&E's smash hit gives you an exclusive sneak peak at the new season.
2:46 | 09/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Go Behind the Scenes of 'Duck Dynasty' With Uncle Si
Dynasties uncles I use one of the stars of the hit show and he's telling it like it is that a brand -- -- -- out today it's called. Psychology. -- tells. I would have done from dot dynasties favorite uncle uncle -- invited GMA down to Monroe Louisiana for -- exclusive behind the scenes look. Act -- dynasty. I knew that I don't care -- we tycoon told that nobody else they'd -- -- -- come with me. I'm no Willie Horton -- be multiplying found that out won't out of evolved. Norman looking live -- Libya. Sounds good. The other -- -- work. Here -- should make broke through for the big CEO has the meetings we'll -- that not having made. This is what type among them may not. -- won't work. But I had my -- hungry. Look. -- maybe here. They -- Neuberger. Who made two things this does this. Yeah. Follow -- -- the whorehouse for -- yards and a plug power. Need to pay attention. This brought here is -- the lady is pat. Doug commander ladies ten. Times so I cut it as God's got a good sense of humor all -- -- -- TV star. -- celebrity. I'm really -- My roof repairs mark Elkhart. When if you read this. We'll find out one moment -- doubt in my heart. We've been married 43 years and I really miss good thing. I have -- formal -- me at least 100. It was about seven. She found through yesterday afternoon left. Month -- -- -- thinks he's the greatest owner on the planet like yeah. Luka but I think a lot better promote world nothing. 18. Indictment of -- -- -- You know I've seen him. -- -- -- Gelman word you are -- -- -- Nanjing road -- how come all right thank you show. Park who don't let you. Can live. Harry yeah.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The star of A&E's smash hit gives you an exclusive sneak peak at the new season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20142093","title":"Go Behind the Scenes of 'Duck Dynasty' With Uncle Si","url":"/GMA/video/duck-dynasty-season-uncle-si-takes-scenes-20142093"}