'DWTS': Highlights From the Ballroom Battle

Find out which couple could face elimination tonight on "Dancing With the Stars," and dance pro Peta Murgatroyd is live to weigh in on all the excitement!
3:11 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS': Highlights From the Ballroom Battle
The jab glory Hernandez she storms. How I judge put her in the lead on TV guide stars dancing games songs from due weight to the Brady Bunch. Jesse hear it all the action agency paid George that's right you loving generous may be on top of the leaderboard now but all eyes were on another Olympian Brian Lott did. Who became the comeback kid last night a week after protesters rushed him on stage take a look. Tension in the ballroom Monday night just seven days after protesters rushed Brian Watkins senators they. I think I'm stunned shocked Ryan want the opening up about the heartbreak of seeing his mom watch it all right there in the ball room. Look up from the stairs I see my mom just and seen her in tears of just. This whole situation has impacted me sole much. Just how far can I put it back in my head. Move on the Olympian rehearsing fiercely with Sheryl the show he can be the comeback kid last night I've never. Taking the stage at the sun. In more than the scores. Big support. He cast member surrounding in the love wearing it right on their teacher. Find that there's exercise care in anything that helped me out a lot but didn't Beckman and hostility like nervous. And how things I don't know what house who remembers forward dancing in Orwell's it's Leno is gonna happen so. But we got through it then it's tough battle scene history can keep going. Then around a lot Davis costar seemed much more confidence last night but no and say that it's night's elimination George Tenet OK Jesse thanks very much has been into an arbitrary he joins us live from LA right now would last season's can't. Not dancing this season that he got a little baby come tonight vlan IAE. I'm feeling really good thank you thank you guys for having me absolutely let's talk about Ryan last night so much pressure. After those protesters stormed seamless Wi. Yeah I know it was it was crazy week last week and I was sitting front where there and it was just so unexpected nobody thought that this would ever happen in the born because. You know it's such a positive place at a has so much positive energy going and you know everyone felt sorry I believe we really did because you know nobody going to sense that. They showed a lot of gallantry last night and boy Lorie Hernandez so much energy. I'm not a Laurie is amazing Gloria and balancing that definite front happens that I mean she just has so much skill. She is just killing the game the techniques after that would damage that olympians always do well athletes always do well politicians not so much. At replicated. Yeah Rick Perry a lovely and he has so much time and he tries so high that you. You just haven't I he's on the bottom of the leaderboard right now so he could be the first one to go prime. Defeated thanks very much for joining us. And of course tonight is the big Dancing With The Stars elimination round candidate seven Centre right here on ABC and of the first -- couple here live tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Find out which couple could face elimination tonight on \"Dancing With the Stars,\" and dance pro Peta Murgatroyd is live to weigh in on all the excitement!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42210501","title":"'DWTS': Highlights From the Ballroom Battle","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-highlights-ballroom-battle-42210501"}