'DWTS' Stars Play Hollywood Trivia Game

The pros take on the celebs in a fun game that challenges their movie knowledge.
3:49 | 11/25/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Stars Play Hollywood Trivia Game
Movie moment and there nobody puts bindi in the corner. What an incredible season of "Dancing with the stars." She created some quintessential moves from some of our favorite movies. It was so inspiring we decided to create a game called dancing with the Hollywood stars. About he we get to the game your sixth win. Was it as delicious as the first five. Even better. This girl is so superb. It's been an amazing journey. I love this girl so much. Thank you. Now you are competing against each other. I know, let's go. Come on. Really. Watch out. That quickly turned. I'm mighty. Pros versus the celebs. One each lined up and whoever hits the buzzer first gets to answer the question. You guys ready? Ready. Opportunity for an extra point as well. Here we go. Question number one, this famous Quentin Tarantino features a dance between uma Thurman and -- "Pulp fiction." Extra point. Hey. ? All right. Extra point happening. To the end of the line. Very well done. Second head-to-head competition and here's your question, before he famously jumped on thetar the star of this movie had a brief encounter with old rock 'N' roll with what hit movie. "Risky business." Ah. Extra point opportunity. For your extra point, take off your shoes, take off your shoes and put on your sunglasses. I got white socks on. ? ? just take those old records off the shelf I'll listen to them by myself today's music ain't got the same soul ? ? I like that old time rock and roll ? He doesn't do that stuff there. ? Don't take me to a disco ? Nicely done, nicely done. Two for the celebs. Two for the pros. Step it up. Step it up. All right. You guys got to help us out. What movie made John travolta hustle? "Saturday night fever." It's your opportunity. ? Dancing ? ? dancing yeah ? ? oh ? ? you should be dancing ? ? yeah ? ? dancing yeah ? She nailed it. And the pros, the pros have a chance. This is for the tie.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"The pros take on the celebs in a fun game that challenges their movie knowledge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35411026","title":"'DWTS' Stars Play Hollywood Trivia Game","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-stars-play-hollywood-trivia-game-35411026"}