Dysfunctional Marriage: Does Congress Need a Divorce Mediator?

One family law attorney's mission to get Congress to heal its broken marriage.
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for Dysfunctional Marriage: Does Congress Need a Divorce Mediator?
Welcome to the fine print on just felony today I'm joined by Carol Bailey a Seattle divorce mediator. Who's here on Capitol Hill to try and sort through some of these tough negotiations we see this year the fighting between Democrats and Republicans. Carol welcome to Washington welcome to capital hill thank you Jesse that would guide books here for how to end the -- I do. I have worked for years using those tips and they work you've used the tips on. Husbands wives been some tough situations how does that and why should that -- to congress I realized one day it's just like a family. It really is we just functional family sometimes well sometimes dysfunctional I'm generally working with -- people who have a legitimate reason. To dislike each other bitterly they cheated on each other. They have done all kinds of dishonest things -- -- the tips work. For people who have those kinds of personal issues they should work for the -- there were two senators who think who may need some -- senator McConnell and senator Reid. If I could spend an hour. With them. We might be able to tone down the rhetoric that's not make accusations. And get them focused on their purpose which is really to serve the American people. So if you happen to get them in a room a hypothetical. Situation with you at the front of the table in the money decides what would you tell them I think that what I would do is actually takes an actual text of what -- -- -- And I would say. Not right here you're making an accusation. OK when the other person who reads this they're going to feel defensive and you're not gonna get your point across so let's strike. That kind of accusation. And instead just tell us what you want to tell us what you're -- us and let's focus on something positive instead of criticizing the other person wanting that we -- a lot. Here on Capitol Hill as. Mike good friend from Kentucky Mike did friend from Nevada. My friend senator cornyn of Texas my friends on the other side of the -- and opera and the majority leader my Republican friends -- always refer to themselves -- a different -- and in the next breath they cannot. -- -- -- -- My friend from Texas like the schoolyard bully. I wasn't aware we were schoolyard. I'd like them actually to -- each other's good friend. Let's throw a couple of these -- and let's look at number of forces generate the desired to listen and hear you don't learn -- thing when you're talking. -- lot of talking it does not act now to one example senator Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours during the -- it -- -- filibuster deal -- Green eggs and -- I do not like them Sam I am I do not like green eggs and ham. How would you mediate that that's a little long for. People to really intend to what you're saying that -- really. Is more to generate the intention. To hear something new. Instead of just talking over someone actually listen to what they're saying to you and see if you can find something new. Number seven -- is there's no way to reach agreement without compromise because the views of all sides must be legitimized any compromise is something that does not. Happen up here as much as liked it -- -- you can't reach a stable resolution if the interests of all parties are not included in the solution. Because the people who lose. Are just gonna wait to ambush you. So you have to take the interests of all sides and incorporate them and that always means compromise why did you decide to do sports. Actually what happened I'm the managing partner of my law firm. And Bob Bauer was the speaker for the managing partners dinner and a person asked him what's the best thing going on in Washington what's the worst thing. And he said the worst thing -- this this level of intense dislike that is it repaired. He said he saw Hubert Humphrey and Barry Goldwater just go after each other. And then thirty minutes later they went to -- and so he says that repair our relationships is not happening anymore. And so. Driving home. I said. I know something about this. I've spent twenty years helping people but don't get along come to agreement. I am going to -- guide. And I'm taking it. To Washington DC as a mediator you're supposed to be impartial and yes right that you were too. Say which side is more to blame give an answer to that or both sides to blame I really think both sides are to blame him. It comes down to individual was. I watch and and and -- kind of monitoring what they're saying an icy. People that are in both parties saying things that are accusatory. Negative. And the drawing on the front of the adversary here as a representative -- both sides an elephant which of course is a Republican symbol and a donkey which the democratic symbol. It looks like they've -- their milk here notes that the children crying so what's happening yes the children are saying you need to take care of us and that is the American public the American public is crying right now and saying you guys need to take care of us. And to make sure that they're paying attention there is a wallet -- rights activists -- to put it in their wallets yes and remember it that's right because. It's one thing to read the pamphlet but it's another thing to use the -- so the little cart in the act is designed to help them actually use the -- So should this work for -- reporters as well yes it works for everybody does yeah. I -- I tell everybody works and love and in politics love and power and in politics so much love there is around the building here on capitol that night by the end of your -- there'll be more high -- Carol thank you very much thinking yes you have your work cut cut out -- -- here but tonight to thank you. And that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm just telling you can follow me on Twitter and FaceBook calling long -- -- Celanese.

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{"id":21519931,"title":"Dysfunctional Marriage: Does Congress Need a Divorce Mediator?","duration":"3:00","description":"One family law attorney's mission to get Congress to heal its broken marriage.","url":"/GMA/video/dysfunctional-marriage-congress-divorce-mediator-21519931","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}