Cowgirl Helps At-Risk Kids Find Hope on Horseback

Patricia Kelly has helped children in Hartford, Conn., stay on the right track through her nonprofit, Ebony Horsewomen.
2:34 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for Cowgirl Helps At-Risk Kids Find Hope on Horseback
We want to introduce you to an urban cowgirl. A former marine who has been helping kids stay off the streets for three decades by sitting them in a saddle. Take a look. ? you don't see this every day. Two teenage cowboys hitting the streets of Hartford, Connecticut, on horses but for 17-year-old Fred Wright staying on a horse is keeping him off the streets. When I was growing up, I was definitely on that wrong path. I never sold drugs or anything like that but I definitely had an opportunity to do that. Reporter: Behavior issues forced the young Wright to transfer schools several times. He suffered with low self-esteem and lacked hope for his future. But that all changed when he met the woman he calls ma. So many call them ma. People ask is that your son? Yes. Is that your daughter? Yes. They're not my biological children but they're my kids. Reporter: Patricia Kelly, a former marine and he quest triian helped Wright find peace in an unlikely place, on a horse. At the time the horses were take up a lot of my time, you know, it kept me busy then misskelley started to teach me things about horses and, you know, make me look forward to something. Reporter: For more than 30 years Kelly has helped children in Hartford stay on the right track through her nonprofit ebony horsewomen, the program offers horseback lessons and teaches animal science to more than 300 young people a year. Head up, you're doing good, babe. I'm working with some of the brightest human beings ever put on a planet. What has happened is that some of that creativity and some of that brilliance has been blocked up by circumstances. Reporter: Hartford, Connecticut, is one of the most violent cities in the country but this native daughter of Hartford wants to change that by empowering its youngest citizens. The success rate is tremendous. We stress education. We've had a 100% graduation from high school. Reporter: And next fall, Fred plans to take his passion to new heights Cornell university's horseshoeing program. I'm very proud of him. He will never be defeated. He has the strongest work ethic I have ever seen in a young man. She did a lot for me and the only way I could think about repaying her is just going through with all the goals I set for myself and showing her that I'm going to be successful. Oh, way to go, Patricia. I love when she's asked are those my sons and daughters. They're all mine. That's ma. Which she is doing.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Patricia Kelly has helped children in Hartford, Conn., stay on the right track through her nonprofit, Ebony Horsewomen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25082356","title":"Cowgirl Helps At-Risk Kids Find Hope on Horseback","url":"/GMA/video/ebony-horsewomen-helps-risk-kids-find-hope-horseback-25082356"}