Eli Manning reveals 3 keys to defeating Tom Brady

The New York Giants quarterback who has beat the Patriots star in the Super Bowl told "GMA" the Eagles need great defense and if Brady gets more than 30 seconds "he's gonna come back and win that game."
3:47 | 02/02/18

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Transcript for Eli Manning reveals 3 keys to defeating Tom Brady
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is hoping to add a sixth super bowl ring to his collection. He also has two super bowl losses on his resume and does not want a third. The ones that we lost obviously are very painful. You know, you put a lot into it and, you know, when it doesn't go well and you know you wake up the next day and you're thinking it was a nightmare. You heard him say the ones that we lost. Were those losses coming at the hands of a -- who was that? The New York giants. Yes. Also how can the eagles beat Tom Brady? Michael's old teammate, @LI, only quarterback to beat Brady. He knows and he's going to join us. There he is right there. Our big board. Hey, Eli, how are you doing. Hey, Michael, hey, robin. How are you doing? You're out in Minneapolis working with Gatorade out there and, of course, we were -- I was fortunate enough to be your teammate when we beat them in super bowl XLII. You beat them in super bowl without me. Why do you think you have the midas touch? Well, obviously I mean you were a big part of that. Having a great defense, being able to get to Tom Brady and disrupt him is a big part of beating the patriots and obviously having you and O.C. And Justin tuck and jpp and those guys get after him and, you know, we had -- had the ball with two minutes to go and a chance to go win it and, you know, guys made some spectacular plays and I think that's the key. You want to have the game end where you got a lead and you get the ball back to Tom Brady and he's got 30 seconds. That's about as much time always want to give hip. You have more than 30 seconds, a good chance he'll come back and win that football game. He is being nice giving defense a lot of credit. But Tom Brady is the king of big plays of coming back with not a lot of time left and so is this guy. That's why the giants were able to win. One of the best teammates. Eli, of course, you guys played the eagles twice this season. Do they have what it takes to pull off a giant-like upset over the patriots? I do. I think, you know, I think the eagles have embraced this under dog mentality ever since Carson Wentz got hurt, no one predicted them to win any of these playoff games and they've kind of had this underdog going in as an underdog and accept that, I think that motivates them and they're playing great football. Great defensive line that can get to the quarterback and disrupt Tom. Their offense runs the ball that can control the ball and quarterback is playing well so I think they have the makeup to do it. Now, can you put it all together and can you, you know, slow down Tom Brady in the fourth quarter. This is great talking about the game. Give us some dirt on Michael. On stra, what was he like in the locker room? How was I? Obviously he's in the perfect job. He's a talker. He likes to dish out and he likes to get on people. Likes to make fun of some guys. He gets a little sensitive if you go after him, just a tiny bit. Oh. Okay, Eli, I have a question for you. Who is your favorite teammate of all time? Michael Strahan. That's what I'm saying. He's hired. He's the best. He was the best. We hope you have fun in the super bowl. We know you're not in it but you have won two and have many more in the future I hope as a giants fan and I love you, you though that. Have fun and stay warm, my friend. Always great to sigh you. Look at those rings. Are those the super bowl rings. I got all the rings right here. These are all of them. Here's your ten table ring. If you walk into a restaurant you can see it from ten tables away. Here's the other one. Bring that whole case back for me. I appreci you. Thank you so much, man.

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{"id":52789032,"title":"Eli Manning reveals 3 keys to defeating Tom Brady ","duration":"3:47","description":"The New York Giants quarterback who has beat the Patriots star in the Super Bowl told \"GMA\" the Eagles need great defense and if Brady gets more than 30 seconds \"he's gonna come back and win that game.\"","url":"/GMA/video/eli-manning-reveals-keys-defeating-tom-brady-52789032","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}