'Grey's Anatomy' star describes 'nostalgic' 300th episode

Ellen Pompeo shares how she felt about filming the landmark episode and hears from doctors and nurses inspired by her character.
5:45 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for 'Grey's Anatomy' star describes 'nostalgic' 300th episode
I'm going to confirm this. We have a great guest to bring out. Actress, producer, director and one of our favorite TV doctors here to celebrate the 300th episode of "Grey's anatomy," please welcome Ellen Pompeo. ??? The greatest the greatest the greatest ??? Hi. Mwah. Look at you. You look beautiful. Ready to deliver on set? Nice to see you. Hi. Mwah. Great to see you. Hi, everybody. Hi, everybody. Hi. We have so many people in here. So excited to see you. Oh, my goodness. What a production -- I mean I think I make TV every day for a living. This is really a job, this live show. This crew is amazing. The crew behind the scenes, aren't they, the way they get things in and out with the sets. Congratulations on the 300th episode. Thank you. Everyone here cannot wait. Are we going to see any blasts from "Grey's" past. I think I can say it because it was in the promo. It's an homage to the original cast in the form of look-alikes. Oh. And when I first read the script I was -- you know, a little -- I don't know. I felt some type of way about it because I have an affection for those people and I thought we can't certainly re-create them or copy them and I was like, I don't know if I'm into the idea but when I saw the actors come on set then I felt a whole other type of way and got nostalgic and I think it's amazing. I hope everybody likes it. We worked really hard on it. When you see the promo, I felt the same way. I'm not George. You have to see the promos to make sense. Shonda likes to keep things under wraps. How difficult has it been through all these episodes not to let the beans spill on certain aspects? I mean, 300 episode, I think we're doing okay. Never happened? Has secrets never been spilled? Oh, I mean, no, yeah, I think we've got the fear of god in all of us. Yeah. But it seems like you guys still have a great time. When I was on set you guys have a great time on set. You're sick of each other yet? 300th episode. Listen, if your whole life you dream to be an actor and you get there and you get this show and, you know, if we're not having fun every day at work, what are we doing it for? What's the point? You know. So you've been playing a doctor 14 seasons. Yes. You ever catch yourself practicing without a license? In all the time. More psychiatrist, I diagnose everybody and tell everybody what's wrong with them. Oh my goodness? What happens when you go to a doctor and a doctor is like, well, Ellen -- no, no, no, to. I got this. I got this. I don't have time to see doctors. I work too much. You know, Ellen, your character has inspired so many people. So many people especially women to become doctors, to go into other aspects of medicine and here's a little tribute. Okay. To you. Take a look. Ellen, thank you so much. You helped inspire me to become a doctor and to become the strong and independent woman in this traditionally male dominant field. I think that the women of "Grey's anatomy" are like modern-day superheroes. I played a nurse on "Grey's anatomy" for 14 years now. It was such an inspiration to be on set. I looked into being a real nurse and, yeah, I went ahead and got my master's degree in nursing and here I am. I've been watching "Grey's anatomy" since I was 15 years old. I knew that I wanted to be a surgeon and now I'm going to medical school next year and just continuing to pursue my dream to be a doctor and to be like Meredith grey. Oh. Hey, you guys. You know I'm emotional. I mean, that's -- you know, how -- so first of all, to play a doctor, you realize how precious life is and how lucky we are just to be living and breathing and our heart beating every day then to have that on top of it is really moving and I don't know how -- thank you. I don't know how I couldn't be thrilled every day just to get the opportunity to touch people the way we touch them is really a blessing. Thank you all for supporting us. Thank you. We want to celebrate you a little more so, guys, bring it out. It's not just the 300th episode. Oh, I hate cake. It's your tenth wedding anniversary and tomorrow is your birthday! Whoo. It's so pretty? Not a birthday without a cake. No, 23rd birthday is a big one, so, yeah. I'm excited. Congratulations on so many different fronts and thank you for the joy that you have brought into our homes these many years. Thank you so much. And you have a big day ahead of you because you know what, it's a day of "Grey's" leading up to the 300th episode tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central, Ellen, thank you so much.

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{"id":51026085,"title":"'Grey's Anatomy' star describes 'nostalgic' 300th episode","duration":"5:45","description":"Ellen Pompeo shares how she felt about filming the landmark episode and hears from doctors and nurses inspired by her character.","url":"/GMA/video/ellen-pompeo-dishes-landmark-300th-episode-greys-anatomy-51026085","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}