Emeril Lagasse's Salisbury Steak With a Twist

The world-famous chef offers a modern take on some of his favorite retro dishes.
3:36 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse's Salisbury Steak With a Twist
music, marvin hamlisch. Emeril lagasse has been on this show for 14 years. Just about 14, sam. We're doing throwback thursday. Do you have a picture you want to show us? Let's check it out. I can totally see it. What's up with the hair? What year is this? Well, just right after a little shower. So -- yeah. You want that look back? Oh, yeah. It's coming back. It's coming back, sam. I never thought food would be retro. But when I hear things like salisbury steak, I haven't heard of it in years. With mushroom gravy and roasted potatoes. I'm coming with the gravies. What happened to banana splits or baked baloney. Let's get to the salisbury steak. We rendered some bacon. We're going to put some onion. You're going to let that cool. We're going to puree that. With drippings, we're going to saute button mushrooms. We're going to add shallot, garlic. And going to make a little slurry. With cream and red wine. We're going to add some beef stock to this. This is the mushroom gravy. What's in a salisbury steak? Just like making meatballs. Equal parts of beef, veal and pork. The bacon onion mixture, we puree. That goes in. Couple egg yolks. Mustard, salt and pepper. So much better than bread crumbs. And today people with celiac disease, and the gluten thing, that's coming on strong, this is a good way to bind the meatball up. Shape them into a patty. And you can broil or bake them in the oven. Pardon me, elizabeth. I'm coming right here. Thank you. We're going to come here. We're going to come here. Emeril, I didn't know salisbury steak was actually veal. It could be. It can be all-beef, too. Why is recipes targeted at a person time? Like apple buy. Pigs in a blanket. Swedish meatballs. Why is that? You score a piece of baloney, coat it with mustard and brown sugar. And you bake it in theon. I don't know if you had a chance to taste that. It is so good. Because -- right? So good. You have a little bit of the sweetness from the brown sugar, you can use honey. And the regular yellow mustard, good, yellow mustard. And our final retro, banana split. What happened to them? Isn't that unbelievable? So good. I miss baloney sandwiches. How did they go away? You bake them like that, really slow. It's great. And you know you can get the recipes on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Get the recipes. What about your throwbacks? You have any? My mom used to make a tuna casserole. With potato chips on top? Yes. I like the mexican casserole. It has spacey salsa on top. And melted cheese. Emeril, you're the best. Always the best. We have it. Love the recipes. As we said, you can get them on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We will -- have we posted

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The world-famous chef offers a modern take on some of his favorite retro dishes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20105356","title":"Emeril Lagasse's Salisbury Steak With a Twist","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-recipes-salisbury-steak-twist-20105356"}