Entertainment Weekly Brings 'The Waltons' Back Together

The cast reunites more than 30 years after the hit show premiered.
4:11 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Entertainment Weekly Brings 'The Waltons' Back Together
getting all of the actors back together again. "The waltons" reuniting. Cam mathison sat down with the stars. It was the show that brought us heart and family like no other. Every thursday night at 8:00. Good night, everybody. Reporter: The entire cast gathered at the "entertainment weekly" photo shoot. This is the first time we've all been together. Reporter:32 years after leaving the air. Olivia and john walton. John-boy. Mary ellen. Jason. Ben. Erin. Jim-bob. And elizabeth. What do you think the closest thing we have right now, on air, in original production? "True blood." As close to it. Reporter: "True blood." "Dexter." Reporter: Joking aside, "the waltons" dealt with some very real issues. Just go. You see, it's the drink. We dealt with segregation. We dealt with the book burning. We dealt with jewish people coming over to the united states. Beginning of the war. One of the most moving scenes to watch is in the episode about the book burning. If you burn this book, you can't know about it. And you had your freedom taken away from you. You understand me? The same thing with the house burning down. You know, we all stood out in the yard and watched the house burn and sobbed. You know? There was no -- there was no acting. I watched my brother run back into the house because my sister was still in there. It was like it was so real. She was crying because she thought richard and I were really in the house. Playing the father on the waltons reminded me what it was like to be a father and a husband. I stopped drinking. All kinds of things changed. This was having a life together for years. And caring about each other. And it's hard for me to even think about without getting all worked up. I can't stop crying. Let me just give an ode to richard, who was the star of the show, and who was -- how old were you? 21. 21 years old. And somehow, you handled yourself so professionally. And somehow, you carried that show at a very young age, with great graciousness and dignity. And you were marvelous. I called ralph the other day and said, ralph, thank you for being such a good actor because all i did was react to you. And really, it was him that -- that love, that exuberance, that john walton had for his wife, which is I think so wonderful. We had a wonderful chemistry, all of us. We did. It was very real. And I can't believe I'm this weepy. Reporter: I thought we'd end our interview like the waltons did every week. Good night, john-boy. Good night, momma. Good night, daddy. Good night, john-boy. Good night -- no. Good night, elizabeth. Good night, daddy. Good night, erin. Good night, elizabeth. Good night, mary ellen. Good night, ben. Good night, jason. Good night, ben. Good night, jim-bob. Good night, jason. Good night, mom. Okay. Good night. Good night. Good night. So great. Want to thank cam mathison for that. "Entertainment weekly" on newsstands right now.

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{"id":20610239,"title":"Entertainment Weekly Brings 'The Waltons' Back Together","duration":"4:11","description":"The cast reunites more than 30 years after the hit show premiered.","url":"/GMA/video/entertainment-weekly-brings-waltons-back-20610239","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}