How to keep your eyes safe during the eclipse

As millions prepare to watch the solar eclipse, experts explain the effectiveness of solar eclipse glasses which allow viewers to safely look at the sun.
4:08 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for How to keep your eyes safe during the eclipse
Money clips as millions get ready to watch and it was the biggest questions is safety. Looking straight at the sun can do some serious damage your eyes TJ Holmes in Carbondale Illinois over the closer look at Betty TJ. Hey good morning George this is not going to get it done today I don't care how nice expensively even fashionable your regular sunglasses are they're not going to protect you from the sun we have 151000 people showing up in the sellout stadium today and millions more. Across the country and everybody's going to need to we'll have a way to protect those eyes. These hot item of the summer paper glasses solar eclipse glasses they've been flying off the shelves many places sold out. And those that remain people are waiting in long lines to get them. But a lot of places have been handing them out for free still some people are trying to cash in on demand. These glasses listed for 600 bucks on line. So how important is it to Wear protective eyewear during the eclipse even a few second exposure can cause damage who Tom osowski and Rogers the vault know how serious it can be. It took about Tony seconds two burn a hole in our Ratner. My right Rogers left the two friends watch the 1963. Partial eclipse in Portland organ with out protective glasses do you feel nothing. When this damage is taking place later on in the day. Let's have a little flashes now fifty plus years later the two say they still see spots occasionally no wonder I can't hit a duck when I go Imus off the Moses doctor senior guard says the damage can be serious. You'll see that they're small complaint and the trade center division. And that's serious personal reason Chrysler and West Bank damage occurs it tends not to go away. But even if you have your protective glasses you still need to be careful. It's hard for consumers to tell what's legitimate and what's not. Experts say even if you have your glasses you need to check that there from one of the recommended American astronomical society's manufacturers. Or vendors counterfeit glasses were such an issue for Amazon that they email the warning to customers. Even issued refunds to some who purchase glasses that they say may not comply with industry standards for Roger in lieu they say they're going to play it safe. This time I'm just gonna stand out there and watch it get dark. Without looking towards a sky. I got one more trickier for you guys. Take a selfish and isn't what I mean you can you judge voter iPad turnaround is like you're taking itself if it actually watch the solar eclipse behind you this serves as a bit of a filter or maybe you get a cool picture out of it as well hope. But that can help protect your eyes as well this another cool way you want to go about it robot if you don't have the proper. He's just made my daughter's day are at thank you for that TJ and ABC's senior medical contributor doctor Jan Ashton joins us now and Jan. So many people are saying you do what have to Wear the glasses so listen let me be crystal clear here if you look at the clips long enough to appreciate what's going on with out it clips glasses. You will do damage fuel burn the retina it's called solar Redknapp in the end there is no treatment for Tarrant that is a very dire warning what does it look like with a glass is OK so here's how you tell I'm going to put put these on first thing that you're gonna notice when you put on true eclipse glasses is that if you watch your hands on your face it's all black conceding now I want you to this is not exact science finally look at the studio light up right over -- should -- OK can right over -- -- we know normally. Those lights are so break you can't look at them so if you're looking with the proper glasses you can actually be able to appreciated and then last some tips here. Obviously is going is lucky. Highlights yet not eclipse it's a big problem right up I need to Wear these glasses I want to emphasize anyone with kids or who knows kids have them practice this in advance because when they put them on and see only black they might be ten innings and took them off exactly. And tests these in advance you don't wanna leave this for the last and I can't happening now if you've done damage stripping the retina has no pain sensors so you will not feel pain you will have blurry vision you pick up late sensitivity watery teary eyes maybe some color distortion this will not appear until a few hours later she noticed these symptoms seek medical attention OK where is glasses every one or ticket so fee.

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{"id":49330776,"title":"How to keep your eyes safe during the eclipse","duration":"4:08","description":"As millions prepare to watch the solar eclipse, experts explain the effectiveness of solar eclipse glasses which allow viewers to safely look at the sun.","url":"/GMA/video/eyes-safe-eclipse-49330776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}