Family members of missing Tenn. student and former teacher speak out

Anthony Thomas, the father of 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, who was found in a rural California cabin talks to "GMA" about how their family feels now that their daughter is safe.
5:58 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for Family members of missing Tenn. student and former teacher speak out
More on that Tennessee teacher in the fifteen year old he kidnapping to California. You'll be in court today to face charges her father standing by along with other members of the family who live for an exclusive -- do you see them right there. After you the program brings us more from the families in Columbia Tennessee good morning. And morning George this is been a roller coaster ride of emotions for these families this sightings the disappointments in the waning. After more than a month and hoping. Finally the call they want to. Work. Happy where BIS static. 39 days after Elisa Thomas disappeared the fifteen year old is finally set to be reunited with her family we. They can't wait to see if the moment they'd been dreaming up for over a month. Please. Please come home but he's come. Grass. Thomas allegedly kidnapped by her former teacher cat comment who's accused of having an inappropriate relationship with her. He's in your kids' school you know. He trusting me all right there. The teen's family doing everything they could to keep her face and story in the headlights worried for her safety thomas' sister Sarah says Elizabeth left a message the morning she disappeared Chang said. You know I'm not mad at buy stakes in union account I won't call the cops. The covenants family speaking exclusively with ABC news last week Jill Cuddy and says she was blind sided and totally to try me she thought her husband of thirty years and was met touring the teen she says she and her husband even took her to church. They see that you knew her that you interacts with them anything how did she not know something but. I think a lot of people didn't know he was friendly with. Let everyone need caring person this morning Cummins is in custody his wife has already filed for divorce kind of like again. Because it had I mean. Or. This morning so much relief for both of these families Elizabeth will be brought back to Tennessee where she will be reunited for her with her family noble. Question George. They are excited to see her. Yeah we're gonna talk to them right now thinking we're joined now by Elizabeth Thomas is filming her dad Anthony. Anthony's lawyer Jason wiley also cab Bozeman James Thomas or sibling sir Anita Thomas as well welcome to all of you thanks for joining us and Anthony. I can only imagine how relieved you are this morning. Yes very reliever very happy that we're you'll see you're getting. And heavy had a chance yet to speak to Elizabeth by phone. Time now involves a lot of he briefing by the FBI and it went on quite a while and so. We an opportunity to speak through last night. Looking forward to that this morning when they fire back. And she hasn't spoken to her mom either. No you know. So you see are expecting to see her this morning we heard the police officers they're described her state of mind kind of a roller coaster. Of emotions laughter fearsome tears. As we as well. What can you tell us and cat let me let me let me ask you this in this question what can you tell us about her state of mind before. She went missing. Thought for sure I'm missing she was very. Extroverted. Up bubbly. You know social butterfly actually were up every one she was really in love what life really happy and and no. Sense that this was something that that she was thinking of something that she was planning. Can I don't think so not at all may yet go ahead yet. I don't know I don't think it was plan. And it and Anthony you're expecting to see if they can see Elizabeth today what's the most important thing you want her to know from you. Former know they'll ever. Anybody else want to add to that. Their message for Elizabeth this morning. This wire to know that we all upper. And we're really happy to see your back problems no she say. And what's your plans for once she does read it returned later today. Weather and there is that there's a lot of things are still have to be done and she's been. She's been. With Karen's for little over a month now it then after that sort of thing at this sort of ordeal she's been through it's gonna take some working. With her for a while you think she was brainwashed. Yes. And what can you do now. To get some sense of normality back for your family. Well and we were. There's going to be some therapy involved with can take some time and we've because he cruises because we love her so much. We're you know we're we're gonna be patient with her who together B units Geithner the help she needs. And you know. Could be a short time could be a long time we don't know what's going to be involved yet. Do you think it might be hard to break through to her is she ready to accept your love for much you know. Our imagined she'd be able to. And Jason we know the federal charges have been filed now against mr. Cummings could a civil case also be brought. Absolutely I mean that's something that we've been exploring and we were looking at all of our options right now obviously our focus has been getting Elizabeth back. Right now our focus is only getting her the help she needs. Because this is obviously going to be a difficult process. But the bottom line is yes. Those are things were going to be look at that. Well I can only imagine how difficult it is going to be but also. So happy for all of you that at least he is coming homes he could start that process thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you so much Roche. Yeah a lot of work ahead for that families and we wish from the fast certainly.

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{"id":46932639,"title":"Family members of missing Tenn. student and former teacher speak out","duration":"5:58","description":"Anthony Thomas, the father of 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, who was found in a rural California cabin talks to \"GMA\" about how their family feels now that their daughter is safe.","url":"/GMA/video/family-members-missing-tenn-student-teacher-speak-46932639","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}