Stars Freestyle Routines Wow on 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale

Three finalists earned perfect scores for their freestyle dances in the closest competition yet.
4:23 | 11/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars Freestyle Routines Wow on 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale
One of the big Dancing With The Stars finale and it started with a ballroom shocker five times mirror ball winner Derek Hough and its partner that Lima. Thought Bethany Modena motives gays meet up with some packing. Last season's finalists. Candace Cameron beret is our Tuesday morning quarterbacking a lot of talk ever and just the second first TJ Holmes is back with the highlights. On the dance floor of the free stuff. More fantastic and fun than ever. And more transforming the stage in to a steamers delight. And to Mellon Val bringing the passion. Alfonzo jumping right into his daring dance with Whitney. Then tearing it up so low in his tennis shoes. Yeah. And Bethany and they're creating a serious dancing revolution. But even that show stopping last close couldn't save that Kabul is. Bethany and Derek for their chance for the coveted mirror balls now over. And with three teams left all with a perfect three. This big sell higher than. TJ Holmes ABC news. No thank you TJ joining us now Candice camera beret thank you very but without removes from earlier that. Not here trapped so what do you think my spyware proposed by this unusual territory not having Derrick Pope make it to the final. The thing went. It was one of the best an Alley and everyone that was there deserved to be the Arab mind dancing skills alone so someone. Had to go back beneath journey with incredible and what Derek did with her last night I thought was fantastic south. And fortunately somebody had to leave but she went out on height out to get them and Alfonso just killed at my job dropped when he went into that happens it is today and then like to. How do I I now just amazing and then he hit the choreography from mark dean at Super Mario Brothers I know that without long flight want to read about his and eighty with the perfect prince as you did you think she's gonna make it all the way to the I can't for the first time I saw her dance I thought she was getting me it and I knew that she had the support ten. To pressure group that she has blond son. She thinks I'm. Just this want him she was adorable to start with but she is fantastic in there and having no dancing champions India peaceful and it's what they. I remember earlier this season you can save this huge youth there was something about her death that she knew they. Along she's told us that now she's had blackouts. On ruler she she. A couple of them and Alice something that I dealt with last scenes and no she she texting me and fed well I don't know that that's an. And mark is really helpful and so I told heard of the open market talk to him about it because he said help encourage her coach her along in. Know when to push it the right times and when to pull back on his. On so she did a fantastic and then. Just like it means we can just see that she gonna have a a long career in entertainment and she just has. Such passion when she dances ends. And and a relationship by relationship without apparently went I don't know that I have a little friend and canister airheads. Upward arc to go there are we can her apartment I. Yeah. To show how I'm Anna yeah yeah. And you have stricter way. I'm sure you'll Jerry. You get that other good right now pick thank you very much and Christmas under wraps your hallmark movie. Getting rave reviews cannot wait to see that he's so much airing this Saturday on the Hallmark Channel and its. Super family friendly it's fine it's magical it's romantic it's everything you would walk off homer felt as good as northern exposure of breaking the holiday movie it's perfect that's. Clean wind and rain are we got one -- entry page and look through different attitude and forgive the stars the finals tonight the seventh and.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Three finalists earned perfect scores for their freestyle dances in the closest competition yet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27161974","title":"Stars Freestyle Routines Wow on 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale","url":"/GMA/video/fantastic-freestyles-dancing-stars-finale-27161974"}