'Farmer's Market Flip' takes over 'GMA'

Two food bloggers create the most crowd-pleasing dish using a secret ingredient in a "GMA" version of the new food show.
4:27 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for 'Farmer's Market Flip' takes over 'GMA'
market flip. Our own challenge. Jesse and Tay making a special dish with bodacious corn. That was our farmer's market challenge to hem celebrating a new show on cooking channel executive producer is me, I guess. You. I wasn't supposed to say that. I'm one of the executive purchases and it premieres tonight. Here's a little sneak peek. $5,000 is on the line. Whoo. Ready? Shop. We're on the clock? I don't even know what that is but it looks awesome. Fire in the kitchen. I thought you pulled the kale. You chef, you better finish up those dishes. Two minutes. No pressure, no pressure at all. Are you guys hungry. Yeah. So, basically it's -- I have a show called "Flea market flip" and took the premise of that and brought it to my other favorite place, farmer's market. Two creams of chef and Jeff Mahn is the host. And it's like being a kid in a candy store. It's inspiration. It's being a kid in a candy store running around and flavors and there's so much inspiration there. It's amazing. Not a huge budget, not a lot of time and we really put these chefs to the test. Oh, we threw them so much stuff. Challenges from food ingredients to time limits. To burning bamboo steamers. Our steamer into a smoker. And tasted good so we have our two bloggers that are competing in our own farm fresh challenge. Nisha is over here and Tayo is over here. Jesse and Michael. I got to sample -- I got to stand right here. I got the champ right here. Thank you, Amy and Paula taking one for the team. Looks like they're ready. They'll be our judges. I know you have a food blog called dinner with Tayo. You incorporate bodacious corn a large kerneled corn. Very sweet. What was your dish from the farmer's market? Today I made a cajun shrimp with corn salsa. Spicy and sweet. Jesse, how did you get involved. I'm just here to taste it because I love food. I love his idea with the bodacious corn, guys, because that sweetness will give something new to the salsa and very seasonal as well. Summer is right around the corner. You got the grilled shrimp. It's going to be delicious. I love the quesadilla. Any particular cheese you recommend doing. Kids love these in he didn't do the quesadilla. That's the losing team. That's the other team. Sorry. Sorry. You have to try out the shrimp. She has to try out the shrimp. Eat the best thing last. That's what you always do. Best last. What do you think before the shrimp. Fantastic. Spicy, sweet, perfection. Now, Nisha. Quesadilla good for kids and when you add in corn. I made barbecue chicken quesadillas and threw in grilled corn which adds smokiness and sweetness. It looks like there's -- Cheese. Caramelized onions and -- Sweet. Crushed red peppers. Mix that up right there. I love that. I want to sneak in there. Jesse, you stand over there as eye candy. I'm elbow deep in this food. As soon as Michael touches that food, that's bad for the dish. Nisha has a blog called honey, what's cooking and we know what's cooking right now. I'll head over to our taster's table right now. And you guys are going to talk. And we want to know really quickly, this is it. On the show the winning team wins $5,000. Our winning team will win $250 gift certificate from williams-sonoma. And the winner is -- Totally, absolutely. Go, go. Tayo and Jesse. Tayo and Jesse.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Two food bloggers create the most crowd-pleasing dish using a secret ingredient in a \"GMA\" version of the new food show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46900141","title":"'Farmer's Market Flip' takes over 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/farmers-market-flip-takes-gma-46900141"}